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13 things you must do before applying for google adsense


Google AdSense is one of the best (if not the best) ad network in the world. They have over 1 million publishers and boast of the highest CPC in the world.

However, they can be really strict with approval and their policy. To apply for google adsense, you have to meet their policy and standards. Some bloggers get frustrated when they can’t get AdSense approval because of the time they spent designing and formatting their whole blog just for AdSense alone. Yet, no approval.

Why do bloggers use google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the best ad network. They have a higher CPC and display relevant ads on your site. They don’t display ads that no one will click. That’s why they are the best.

There are bloggers who earn a full income from google AdSense alone. Therefore, adsense should be our best choice among other ad networks.

Also, google AdSense payment is always on time. They are the most trusted ad network in the world. They have vast payment methods. You can get paid via any of the following:
• Payoneer
• Direct transfer
• Check
• Paypal
• Payza
• Webmoney and many more.

Using google AdSense is one of the best methods of making money online. With one google AdSense account, you can display ads on different blogs (more than 100) and track your earnings on that AdSense account.

They have good paying rates and that’s the reason why they are the highest ad network in the world. For this reason, they have made their approval very atrick. Any little mistake, you get disapproved immediately.

Common reasons for google AdSense disapproval

Here are some of the reasons why google adsense may disapprove your application. Keep them in mind because they are very important:

1. Insufficient content: This is the most popular reason for AdSense disapproval. It means your website doesn’t have enough contents on the pages or the texts are not just enough.

If the content is poorly formatted or has some grammatical mistakes, your application will be rejected in a blink Of an eye.

Your contents should be sufficient enough to pass out full information of what you are actually talking about. It doesn’t necessarily mean the content is insufficient, your blog content also have to be unique and produce a solution to an problem or add values to the readers, if not, the whole content is trash.

The saying content is king doesn’t just apply to SEO. It applies to blogging in General.

2. Blog design: This is another unnecessarily popular reason for AdSense disapproval. The design of your blog pages matters a lot because they also add value to readers. Google cares a lot for their advertisers and hope to display ads on only sites that matter.

What would you do if you visited a site with a purple background and blue texts? You opt out immediately right? This is why blog design is very important.

Blogs with bad design and are hard to understand can not be approved by adsense. You must make your blog comfortable for your readers because your blog will be reviewed manually by an AdSense staff.

You want to give them the best experience when you apply for google AdSense account.

3. No official pages: You know what I call official pages? About us, contact us, privacy policy and disclaimer pages. These are what I refer to as official pages. Official pages Make your blog look…well, official.

It you want to be accepted by google AdSense, these pages give impression that you are a professional and you can carry on with displaying relevant ads on your site. They also show AdSense that you are working according to their policies and not just applying ignorantly.

Also note that privacy policy page is one of the requirements of google AdSense.

4.Blog doesn’t comply with adsense policies: Adsense policies are very important to take note of before submitting your application. Any blog with no valuable content, copyright contents, no organic traffic, little or no original content or bad navigation for users.

Also, take note of your source of traffic. If you have an illegal source of traffic or use keyword stuffing, your application is likely to be rejected.

13 things to do before applying for google AdSense

1. Write quality unique contents: Don’t be lazy, write Long contents that add value to users. Your content should be long enough and well detailed for users to read and understand. Avoid bad grammar and spelling errors.
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