Information Marketing: How to make money selling ebooks

Information marketing, like you must have guessed, means selling information. Information can be in form of books, videos and audio recording but we are going to focus on ebooks in this post. Maybe when I have the chance I will drop video marketing here. Just make sure to keep visiting.
Information marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. Quality information is scarce and imaging you are providing what thousands of people are asking for. Just imaging you sell an eBook at $10 each and you get 10 sales per week. Now that’s a massive earning of $100 weekly. Without much stress, you can be bagging in $500 monthly.

This doesn’t just happen in a day though, it takes months of researching and strategizing.
There are various platforms where you can sell your ebooks and get tons of sales:

  • Udemy
  • teachable
  • jumia
  • konga

This is an ultimate guide containing about 2000 words so you should take your time to read and understand. I suggest you bookmark or save this page for future reference.

What is information marketing?

Information marketing means gathering enough data, facts and knowledge then compiling them into one place and selling them in order to solve the buyer’s problem. The information you sell must solve a problem or else you will likely give up out of frustration when nobody buys your product.

The world is evolving and so is the internet. Many people may not have the time to read online so they look for other means of getting that info so that they can read when they are less busy – that’s why ebooks are important.

Not only can you make money from information marketing, you can also get exposure, boost your blog traffic and earn a huge reputation on the internet. Information marketing is one of the most untapped niches in digital marketing. While people may focus on affiliate marketing, AdSense and other digital products, you are making sales with just one eBook. How sweet is that???

Now let me tell you a little story about myself and how information marketing has helped me.

When I started blogging at the age of 17, I did not make a dine for the first month. I wrote original posts, 2000 words, got views but the cash didn’t roll in. The total amount I made from my ad networks was than $10 so u gave up on ads for the time. Tried affiliate marketing (which worked for a while). After some time, I did not make more than £5. I was about to give up on building my online career then I remember I have good writing skills. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? I was so dumb! I wen int information marketing and guess what? It worked out! (obviously). That’s how I got my first cash on January 1st the following year. Immediately, I got a domain name for two of my blogs and bought hosting from qservers.

I sold my eBook on “Social Media Marketing” for N2000 each and got about 10 sales. This ignited my passion for online marketing once again.
Now you see the importance of information marketing. But it takes dedication, hard work, consistency and proper strategics. You can also create an eBook for 10 pages and get massive sales but it must contain valuable information. So you must get ready to work your ass out.

Who to sell to?

You can not just create products and expect to drive massive sales without knowing who will buy them. You must know who is interested and who isn’t…. Who needs it and who doesn’t.

Selling a tech info to someone who doesn’t care about it is ridiculous.
So you have to know your audience and target your audience.

How to find the audience for your products.

Facebook and Google are the most efficient ways to find people online. You have surely cone across your old secondary school mates on Facebook so why can’t you come across people who will but what you sell. To get the right people for your products, try searching through news feeds, Facebook pages, Facebook groups.

If the information you are selling is based on SEO techniques, you can easily search Facebook for “SEO”. This will show you wild ranges of options to choose from you can join groups or like pages.
You can also use twitter hash tag to find the right customers or online forums. An example of a good forum is nairaland. This is how I got my first customer for my eBook. Nairaland provides you with different categories to visit. So no matter what you sell, you will always find a buyer. Each category houses more than 1000 visitors per day and the forum itself has more that 3 million members to its name. It is the third largest forum in the world.

What to sell

This is another major problem in marketing. So many people on this earth, yet so little resources. Knowing what to sell in information marketing can be challenging. You would not want to waste your strength and time on eBook that nobody wants, will you?

So to know the right information to sell, use these tools:

  • Ubersuggest tool
  • blog comments
  • blog posts
  • online groups
  • forums
  • google auto predict
  • google related searches

These 7 tools work like magic. Let’s go through each and everyone of them.

Ubersuggest: owned by Neil Patel, ubersuggest tool is a keyword research tool for finding keywords with high search volume and low competition. Checkout ubersuggest tool here. Enter your keyword and look for one with high search volume and low competition.

Blog comments: Visiting blogs related to what you are selling is very important. Not only will you gather information, you will also know what people want or need. You may be thinking of producing a blogging related course but don’t know what topic to sell. You can visit active blogs like shoutmeloud, tipsonblogging and many others to see what people are asking for in the comments.

Blog posts: Another efficient method of getting what you sell is through blog posts. Blogs with high traffic can help generate ideas for you. The trick is to check the popular posts and solve the problem. You may return the comment on that post after you have created your eBook.
Online groups: Facebook, WhatsApp, Google plus, or LinkedIn groups are also efficient tools in information marketing. Check the latest gist, problem and provide a solution.

Forums: Nairaland is the recommended forum for information marketing. You’ll see diverse categories which are super active with lots of questions and tutorials.

Google auto predict: This is also a keyword tool you may have not known about. Google comes up with option to search while typing a keyword. Most if those options are top searches which are selected by algorithms.

Google related searches: Embedded beneath the popular Google Page is the related searches. It displays what people also search for in relation to what you are searching for. You can use this to get vast ideas for your products.

How to gather information for eBook

Surely, no one is an Island of Knowledge. You can not know it all that is why you still make researches. You might have been wandering before now, how you’ll get enough facts and information’s for your eBook. It is simple. How do you get the info for your school projects and assignments? Google all the way.

Searching Google is the most effective way of gathering information for your eBook. However, one has to be precise and accurate with the information you sell. It can save or destroy a life. Hence, information is power. You can also search forums, quora and other article submission directories like

Tools to use in information marketing

You have gathered enough knowledge on information marketing, It is time e to implement it. There are some essential tools used in information marketing to yield better results. Although one can succeed without some of them, having them is an added bonus. Some are free while some are paid but they are relatively cheap. Examples are:

Facebook groups/page
Was office
Corel draw
Ubersuggest tool

1. Mailchimp: This is the most important tool if all. If you want a successful digital marketing career, you need to contact as many people as possible. Mailchimp allows you to senf bulk SMS to 2000 people for free (unlimited is paid).

What is mailchimp?

Mail chimp is an online platform that allows users to write, customize and send bulk emails to as many people as possible provided their emails have been registered on your list.
Mail chimp is a paid platform but you are allowed free access if you have 2000 or less subscribers. You can customize your email to your taste using fonts, colors, HTML codes etc.

Some of the cool features of mail chimp are:
>> Adding business logo to mail
>> Editing/formatting text styles, font size and colors
>> Adding personalized HTML codes
>> Inserting links and addresses

2. Facebook groups: Every business has a means of connecting with its customers. Facebook pages or groups are one of the most efficient ways to advertise your eBook. Simply write a description and post on an active Facebook group with images.

3. Forums: Another efficient way of finding customers is through drums. Publishing or advertising on forum is a good idea bit you must know how to drive people to pay for that book.

4. Wps office/Microsoft word: Wps office is an android app for word processing, presentation, spreadsheet and other tasks. With this app, you can format pages, add images, hyperlinks, paragraphs and many other options. Best of all, it allows you convert documents to PDF format.

5. Corel draw: For graphic design and formatting. You can hire graphic designer for the cover of your eBook. The cover photo alone attracts customers before other things in the eBook.

6. Canva: Canva is an online platform that offers a wide range of options. You can create covers, face book cover, logo, info-graphics and many more. It has proven to be one of the most important tools in marketing for me. Canva is free, easy to use and signing up is very easy.

7. Blog/writer: This is what takes your eBook online. A good blog to market your eBook and a writer to write a good description is all you need. You may advertise on other blogs or start a blog specifically for selling ebooks.


How to drive sales in information marketing

Selling your eBook is the most important part of information marketing (obviously). After spending weeks formatting and editing, why won’t you make money from your sweat? The 3 easiest ways to drive sales are:

Paid adverts
Sponsored posts

Paid adverts: This is common among affiliate marketers and blogger. You can pay an advert network to advertise your eBook and you pay when a sale is completed. The best ad networks for information marketing ate CPA networks. CPA means cost per action. You only pay when someone makes an action like download, buy, register etc. Examples of CPA networks are:

SEO: SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a method of formatting a web page so that it ranks high on search results. SEO is a more technical style of writing that takes months yo perfect. Luckily, WordPress users have been granted the best SEO guide: yoast SEO.

Sponsored post: This is mostly used by big businesses and companies. They pay bloggers and webmasters for a sponsored post about their products. The blogger/webmaster will either write a review or description about the product and publish it on their blog. A sponsored post costs as low as $60 and as high as $500. It all depends on the blog’s quality and traffic.
Information marketing is one of the best ways to earn an income online if you use it well.

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