13 things you must do before applying for google adsense

Google AdSense is one of the best (if not the best) ad network in the world. They have over 1 million publishers and boast of the highest CPC in the world.

However, they can be really strict with approval and their policy. To apply for google adsense, you have to meet their policy and standards. Some bloggers get frustrated when they can’t get AdSense approval because of the time they spent designing and formatting their whole blog just for AdSense alone. Yet, no approval.

Why do bloggers use google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the best ad network. They have a higher CPC and display relevant ads on your site. They don’t display ads that no one will click. That’s why they are the best.

There are bloggers who earn a full income from google AdSense alone. Therefore, adsense should be our best choice among other ad networks.

Also, google AdSense payment is always on time. They are the most trusted ad network in the world. They have vast payment methods. You can get paid via any of the following:
• Payoneer
• Direct transfer
• Check
• Paypal
• Payza
• Webmoney and many more.

Using google AdSense is one of the best methods of making money online. With one google AdSense account, you can display ads on different blogs (more than 100) and track your earnings on that AdSense account.

They have good paying rates and that’s the reason why they are the highest ad network in the world. For this reason, they have made their approval very strict. Any little mistake, you get disapproved immediately.

Common reasons for google AdSense disapproval

Here are some of the reasons why google adsense may disapprove your application. Keep them in mind because they are very important:

1. Insufficient content: This is the most popular reason for AdSense disapproval. It means your website doesn’t have enough contents on the pages or the texts are not just enough.

If the content is poorly formatted or has some grammatical mistakes, your application will be rejected in a blink Of an eye.

Your contents should be sufficient enough to pass out full information of what you are actually talking about. It doesn’t necessarily mean the content is insufficient, your blog content also have to be unique and produce a solution to an problem or add values to the readers, if not, the whole content is trash.

The saying content is king doesn’t just apply to SEO. It applies to blogging in General.

2. Blog design: This is another unnecessarily popular reason for AdSense disapproval. The design of your blog pages matters a lot because they also add value to readers. Google cares a lot for their advertisers and hope to display ads on only sites that matter.

What would you do if you visited a site with a purple background and blue texts? You opt out immediately right? This is why blog design is very important.

Blogs with bad design and are hard to understand can not be approved by adsense. You must make your blog comfortable for your readers because your blog will be reviewed manually by an AdSense staff.

You want to give them the best experience when you apply for google AdSense account.

3. No official pages: You know what I call official pages? About us, contact us, privacy policy and disclaimer pages. These are what I refer to as official pages. Official pages Make your blog look…well, official.

It you want to be accepted by google AdSense, these pages give impression that you are a professional and you can carry on with displaying relevant ads on your site. They also show AdSense that you are working according to their policies and not just applying ignorantly.

Also note that privacy policy page is one of the requirements of google AdSense.

4.Blog doesn’t comply with adsense policies: Adsense policies are very important to take note of before submitting your application. Any blog with no valuable content, copyright contents, no organic traffic, little or no original content or bad navigation for users.

Also, take note of your source of traffic. If you have an illegal source of traffic or use keyword stuffing, your application is likely to be rejected.

13 things to do before applying for google AdSense

1. Write quality unique contents: Don’t be lazy, write Long contents that add value to users. Your content should be long enough and well detailed for users to read and understand. Avoid bad grammar and spelling errors.

Google AdSense approves blogs with high quality contents and their visitors are enjoying it. Keep in mind that your application will be reviewed by humans and not robots so it’s better to give them the best quality content you’ve got up your sleeves.

What is high quality content?
A high quality contents has the following features:

  • Long enough
  • Has bullets and headings
  • Has informative values
  • Unique and original

2. Create privacy policy page: A privacy policy page shows professionalism in your blog. Manh people out there will tell you categorically that having a privacy policy page on your blog makes no sense. Well, I can assure you that they are very wrong. On fact, a privacy policy page is one of google AdSense requirements for approval.

Why is privacy policy very important?
It is important because it shows that you are not a scam and gives your users and AdSense a sense of a serious business person.

A privacy policy page describes what your users can get on your blog, how you get information and data from them and what they should and should not do. So why is it a bad idea to include a privacy policy page on your blog?

However, this page usually has a long content and can be tedious to write alone. Simply head over to privacypolicies.com to get your own privacy policy page.

3. About us page: Another page that shows professionalism. About us page also instils the sense of a serious business.
About us page has a major role in adsense approval. Without this page, there are zero chances of getting approved. It shows information about you and your blog. It builds readers trust and can help take your blog a long way.

4. Contact us page: Add a contact us page on your blog. How else do you expect your readers to contact you when you font have a contact us page.

By creating this page, you are showing to google that you care and think about your customers. It will also show the google adsense staff that is reviewing your blog that you are not just about their money. You also care for your customers.

A contact us page should include your email, phone numbers and any other social media acooint details.

One important point to note: Your contact us, about us and privacy policy page must have a good navigationthat your users can easily visit them comfortably.

5. Use your real name and email: When applying for AdSense, always use your real name and email or the name and email on your contact us or about us page. Thus will show google AdSense that you are authentic and you are not just a spam bot. It will also speed up the whole application process.

6. Have good amount of posts: We don’t know the actual adequate amount of posts you must have before applying for AdSense but based on experience, I can the you that to be on the safer side, you should have at least 20 high quality posts. Although I hoy approved on a blog with just 14 posts but each posts have high quality.

I have seen blogs with more than 100 posts and they got disapproved by google AdSense. There is actually no appropriate amount of posts you must have. What you Need is unique and original contents.
Each post length should be at least 700+ words and must contain bullets, headers and no copyright images.

In fact, you can decide not to use images at all in your posts. Google AdSense team don’t care about your images, all they want is your text and value you add to your users.

7. Use default blogger template: If you are running your blog on the blogspot platform, make sure you use any if the default template provided for you.

Since AdSense is a product of google and blogger is also a product of google, they give more attention to people who use their products. You can select the emporio or contempo blogger template while you are applying for google AdSense.

Make sure your navigation is clear and no spammy nonsense on your blog.

8. You must be 18: Perhaps, this is the least of all your worries. Your google profile must be 18 years before you apply for AdSense.
Google AdSense is also one of the 18+ programs in this world and if you don’t attain that age (in your profile) you won’t be approved.

Many people who have set up their blog and done a lot for AdSense approval only realise this problem after a lot of disapprovals. Use the appropriate age when applying for AdSense before you get disapproved again.

9. Setup your blog design: Your blog design is equally very important in adsense application. A blog with bad design will get rejected immediately. Make sure your blog is appealing to users setup your navigation, use appropriate colour combination, don’t use too many light colours and don’t use too many dark colours.

10. Check your niche: Google revealed in one of their forum posts that they stopped approving saturated niches. Examples are making money online, SEO and blogging tutorials, and marketing.

They said: “and then the fact that the blog was created in December and already has 8 articles with quality unique contents, it covers just same topic that has been in existence for years”.

Don’t write about already saturated niches, you can lower your niche into a micro niche. In fact, micro niches pay more with adsense nowadays than any other niche.
With micro niches you can be earning three figure income daily from your adsense account.

If you already use this niche. You have two options: get rid of them or forget about adsense. It’s your choice.


11. Get a domain name: To get google AdSense approval quickly, you must have your own domain name.and stop using the blogger subdomain. A .com domain costs anything from $6 or namesilo. Or you can save your money and buy a .com.ng domain at just N1000 on qservers.

Another thing you must do is get a domain that is easy to remember and related to your niche. Also, google has placed some restrictions on domain names less than 6 months in Asia. They don’t approve any domain less.than 6 months so if your are from there, you might want to consider buying a flipped domain or waiting six months before you apply for AdSense.

12. Remove any other ad network: If you use any other ad network on your blog, it’s best to remove them before applying.
Although google allows you to use other ad networs with theirs, it’s better to drop them before applying and make sure you don’t put them back until you have gotten reply from google AdSense. This reply may take anything from few days to few weeks so be patient.

13. Your traffic source: Google adsense never accepts sites that are getting paid traffic and they often penalise them. You can drive traffic from social media, forums or search engines or any other way you want but if you want to get an approval from AdSense, paid traffic is not the right way.

Also, google hates sites that get their traffic from illegal sources or illegal blogs like pornography sites, drug sites and others. So you best focus on driving legal traffic from legal source. You can also guest post to get traffic.

If you follow this post well, you will be able to get your AdSense approval and start earning with adsense. Now click a social media icon to share this post.

Originally posted 2018-05-30 15:32:39.

About the Author: Johnson Ndubuisi

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