3 Online jobs in Nigeria you must never waste your time and money investing on

Written by Dada eniola

Online jobs in Nigeria have become dominant these days. Many people are engaging in one thing or the other on the internet. We have seen many others who have become successful from online jobs and they are still earning from them everyday.

These work from home jobs are very lucrative and profitable but some people end up doing the wrong thing and earning nothing for their hard work.

For some time, I thought making money online was just a myth because it looked impossible to me. Today, I see many people who have become rich because of their phones or laptops.

There are variety of online jobs anyone can engage in. Many of these online jobs are very easy to start and are lucrative. Sometimes, you might not need to work for a whole week and money will keep ringing in your account. However, online jobs can be data consuming except if you are using Airtel free browsing cheats, then you won’t feel an itch

That’s just the crazy fact about online jobs. However, you will need some things to be set in place before you can rest and start expecting cool Cash. These works are not for lazy and impatient people.

Work from home jobs require building and improving until you are satisfied. It may take years or months to build to the level you want.

Before we go into the main aim of this post, let me introduce you to some of the most legit and lucrative online jobs you can start from the comfort of your home.

1. Blogging: You have probably heard that blogging is the best way to make money online. An online job like blogging can be raking in more than 200k monthly if you know the right tactics. Like all other businesses, it takes time, hard work and investment.
Nothing worth having comes free.

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2. Affiliate marketing: This is another crazily awesome online business. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid for helping someone sell a product. That is just how affiliate marketing works. The commission depends on the standard set by the company. Some pay as high as 75%, while some pay 12%
You can become a full time earner online from affiliate marketing.

3. Freelancing: Freelancing is the act of working for more than one company or individual. A freelancer is someone that offers his or her services to clients for hire. All you need to do is sign up with freelancing sites like fiverr, upwork, freelancer etc. In these sites, you can make $10 daily just going freelance works.

4. Youtubing: Youtubers earn from videos they post in their YouTube channel. Those ads you see when watching videos, those ads generate some $$ into the account of the youtuber. All you need to do is meet their requirements and adverts will get displayed on you videos.

5. Information marketing: A less stressful way of gaining money online is information marketing. This is one of the easiest online jobs I know. All you have to do is create an ecourse that people want to buy and start selling. One book can make you real income.

Those are some of the legit ways to make money online. There are others such as domain parking, ecommerce, drop shipping, real estate and many more.

As I have mentioned earlier in the first paragraph, many people are involved in one businesses but some people are just wasting their time.

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Some will spend hours at cafes, in front of their phones and PC’s everyday only for them to make more. They work there ass out everyday to find the perfect job but nothing sees to be bring in the money they want. What do they do? They give up and start making up rumours that nobody can become an online earner.

Online jobs are really cool to start. Look at the likes of Linda ikeji, noble igwe, Lasisis Elenu, Uche Pedro, jide Ogunsanya, Makinde Azeez and many others. They have made it through online jobs and they are still making it.

Let me tell you a little story about my online earning journey. When I finished my high school in 2017, I started finding ways to make money.
I would visit different site, perform different tasks yet I was earning less than $0.005. It was such a frustrating experience.

I tried another means but nothing. After much trials, I gave up and didn’t try anything that will warrant online jobs.

Well, one day, I was doing my usual surfing when I came across an ad that showed me 5 ways to make money online.

Well, the rest is history. Bow, I will be sharing some of those online jobs I wasted time on and why should not even bother going near them.

Online jobs you should not waste your time doing
There are many of them but I have limited this list to the most participated ones.

1. PTC programs:

PTC means “Paid To Click”. This kind of programs involves paying users to click on adverts that display on a particular site. Some of these PTC programs are legit but they can be a huge waste of time and energy.

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Your earnings are relatively low when you compare your energy and time you invested in this. You can be earning $0.002 per click and minimum cash out is $2. Which means you need a total of 1000 clicks before you can reach your minimum cash out.

At the end of the day, there’s no assurance that you will get paid and they have some unnecessarily crazy rules. Example of these sites are: neobux, clixsense, Scarlett clicks etc.

2. Survey programs:

Online jobs in Nigeria

Survey savvy: Get paid to survey

some people might disagree with me but I can boldly say that paid to survey programs are one of the worst online jobs I have ever encountered. You get paid $1 to participate in a survey on 10-30 minutes.

It looks awesome, right? No it isn’t. You might get one survey in two months. Which kind of business is that. Every two months, you earn $1. Which makes it $6 per year. Lol. Even my junior brother spends more than that per week. The worst part is that I filled 3 surveys and never got paid. It was just like a scam to me.

3. Sites that end with low level domain names: Do not participate, I repeat, do not participate in businesses that end with .club or .online. You will just do all their work for them and their site will keep increasing in traffic and getting credibility while you will be suffering with your own work.
So be careful when you want to invest in online jobs in Nigeria. Rather invest in jobs that will ensure you to do everything.

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