Screenshot 20191003 035933 1 - 4 annoying truths about blogging you won't read anywhere else

4 annoying truths about blogging you won’t read anywhere else

All newbie bloggers must read this.

Screenshot 20191003 035933 1 300x170 - 4 annoying truths about blogging you won't read anywhere else

Blogging is sweet…when money enter blogging is sweeter. We have all come across some great blogs in our time and wondered “how did this blog became so great”.

Yes, we all want to be rich and drive the latest cars, but what if I told you, we can’t get there until we put some things in place.

I have associated myself with some of the best bloggers in Nigeria who have somehow managed to carve a very beautiful name for themselves in the Nigerian blogosphere.

1. Stop Gossip Blogging!!!!!

I understand that in Nigeria, most of the bloggers we see are entertainment or gossip bloggers. Why? – Fast cash!

So lazy and all they believe in is getting fast cash, not knowing they are slowly producing their epic frustration.

Very few of the entertainmemt snd gossip bloggers are actually doing the right thing.

When you check search queries, we all notice that these entertainment and gossip keywords are some of the most searched terms in Nigeria that is probably why people rush it.

Have you ever thought of that?

But why do newbies rush entertainment blogging when they don’t know anything about keyword research???

👉 They are ignorant
👉 They are driven by the will to make fast money

They probably heard about Linda Ikeji and think they can make it in 3 months.

Lol! I know you might hate me for this, but it is the truth.

Sincerely, why do all newbies run to gossip or entertainment niche?

There are so many profitable blogging niches in Nigeria.

  • Moringa seeds
  • Prayer points
  • Relationship
  • Lifestyle
  • Networth etc

I also started with a gossip blog before in 2017.

I was getting very little traffic.

Eventually, I started hitting 1k daily traffic from social media, I made less than $1 on AdSense before I sold off the account and the domain name.

To be honest, gossip blogging is very interesting but the truth about it is that it is tedious.

Copying and pasting 30 contents daily is the best definition of tedious.

You can’t actually optimise them all.

The funny thing is that most newbie news bloggers are not full time bloggers.

Everyone has a small job or education to face, but keep comparing themselves with the likes of full time bloggers like Linda ikeji, bella naija, and others.

It is time wasting!

Nobody search for this gossip queries you post about.

Who the hell goes to google and searches for “Davido Dumps Chioma”?

It is not done that way.

If at all anyone is searching anything relates to gossip on google, they will rather search for terms like ” latest entertainment news”, “Nigerian latest news”, ” News update and believe me, it is going to seem almost impossible to beat the sites ranking for it.

Most Nigerians already know where they can find the news they are looking for. doesn’t necessarily need to do seo before getting traffic.

2. Drive your need of money into passion

As a newbie blogger, when you tell an expert you want to get into blogging, the next thing you hear is “Are you passionate? Think of passion before money”

Lol!….Don’t mind them.

Everybody I know in Nigeria started blogging for money.

You might have been admiring blogging for so long but the main thing that drove you into starting yours is nothing but money.

I think of the money and the passion will flow.

If these two balance, you will really enjoy blogging.

I remember making my first cash from blogging when I was ready to give up.

I was ready to give up and say I won’t become a blogger and I will sell this blog.

Well, I decided to switch my gossip blog into a sports blog during the time of 2018 world cup (at least i will go with the trend). Smart decision, right?😎😎😎

I’ve always admired being a blogger right before I became a teenager.

I was already building wapka forums, hacking 2go accounts and doing all sorts of things with my ASHA 210…LOL!

Little did I know about what it takes to be a blogger.

I’m not a full time blogger though but I have gotten the experience and money. *winks*

After a week into the world cup, I got contacted by this traveling agency that they would love to pay me for a sponsored post.

I was so happy, I earned the money.

My first ever pay from blogging had to come in when I was about to give up.

Sometimes all you need is that little spark to drive your passion.

From that day onward, I decided to learn more about blogging.

3. SEO is the blogging itself!

I made research on SEO and produced great contents I was equally proud of.

Everyday, I would read from, backlinko or nobleloaded.

I always admired the way they captivated readers in their posts.
I started techpanda with the little money I had with me as an SEO practice blog.

I will target small keywords. Even if it was 500 searches per month with a difficulty of 2% and $0.00 CPC, I will still post it.

I used it in testing my content writing skills.

It got to a time and I mastered it.

Now I love to write because I know one day blogging will pay.

Its been more than 15 months since I have started blogging and I have learnt a huge deal from it.

I recently opened a new tech blog though, primarily for amazon affiliate marketing which I am still working on.

In all these 15 months, I haven’t made up to half a million but the knowledge I have gotten is up to twice a million.

Guess one secret? I am just 18 (at the time of writing this).

I have worked with Joseph Ibezim who is one the best SEO specialists in Nigeria.

I have also worked with one the best content writers you can ever come across in the blogosphere – Reuben Oaikhena.

The likes of Emmanuel Ekanem, Raphael Afolayan, Dayo Olatinwo, Prosper Noah, Kennedy Prosper, Geeky Daniel are not too far from my DM.

You are probably getting bored with all these stories, right?

4. It takes time, but in the end its worth it

Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

My point is that newbie bloggers should not rush it.

Take each step at a time.

Don’t rush into it because you will make money in 2 months.


It may take two years to make your first $100 but in the end, when you look back at the extra things you have earned, you will know it is worth more than $1000.

Blogging will become part of your lifestyle.

So here is my advice to the newbie bloggers.

Take your time, one step at a time.

Don’t rush into it.

Learn all necessary lessons.

Make blogger friends. (Contact me on WhatsApp +2349024525882). I can be your mentor. 100% free

Just enjoy blogging and you will command maximum respect no matter how minimal your blog is.

I’m still in the intermediate stage but I have sacrificed my midnight sleep to drop this post for you on Valentine’s Day because of my love for bloggers.

Hhhmmmmmmmm…..seems it’s acually a season of love after all.❤❤❤

I wish us all success.

Las Las we go dey alright.

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About the Author: Johnson Ndubuisi

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  1. The second point is what most startup bloggers need to understand. And I love that opening statement, “All newbie must read this”. Thumbs up bro

  2. This is such a wonderful article that is so encouraging to newbie bloggers! I agree that a lot of people go into blogging for the money (because we only ever see the people who become successful) and it took me ages to make money from it and turn it into my job. And targeting small keyterms is a very useful tip.

    1. I’m glad you found the article helpful. Indeed, like you said, targeting small keyterms really does go a long way.

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