6 best AdSense alternatives to monetize your blog without pasting ads

Most bloggers (about 90%) fight for AdSense. They believe it is the best and only means of earning big from your blog. Well, I think it’s high time they knew they have been wrong all this while. I run two other blogs and I don’t post ads as a method of monetization. Rather, I monetize with other techniques. There are other best adsense alternatives you can use to earn massive income without even posting ads.

If you are among those fighting to get Adsense approval, have you ever thought to wonder what you will do with it? Because getting the approval is one thing, making money with it is something entirely different while keeping yourself from suspension or ban is a little bit tricky.
There are some other reasons why I don’t monetize my blog with ads. They are:

  • Click through rate is usually low
  • The payout may be too high
  • Different payment methods
  • Some are scam networks
  • Lack of quality ads for visitors
  • Ads take a ton of space on your blog

That’s just a few of the reasons why I don’t use ads as a method of monetization. I’ll rather go with any of the following:

Six Best adsense alternatives without pasting codes

  1. Selling products
  2. Sell services
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Sell links
  5. Sponsor a post
  6. Information marketing

Selling products: What products do you make relative to your niche? You can sell digital and physical products on your blog and earn more than those who use adsense. All you need to do is create a page, set it’s SEO and write a short description of the product you want to sell. Then promote that page.

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Sell services: Tech bloggers use this as another method of monetizing their blogs. There is this particular strategy some use which I love so much. What they do is: apply for adsense, get approval and sell it then apply all over again as much as they like. You can also offer to create blogs, run ads, SEO, sell templates etc. The best things about selling your own services apart from making money are:

  • it gives room for negotiation
  • It establishes a good blogger-visitor relationship
  • It builds trust
  • It improves your reputation

Affiliate marketing: You don’t necessarily need to sign up on Amazon or Jumia to become an affiliate, you can just become an affiliate of a friend. Help a friend market his/her products and earn your share of the cash. To some people, this is considered as one of the best adsense alternatives on the web.
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Sell links: This is one of the most uncommon methods of monetizing a blog without ads. People actually pay other bloggers to link to their blogs. All they do is look for top performing posts, check the blog’s DA and traffic then pay them to link their blog.

Sponsor a post: Companies and individuals pay good blog writers to write a product description or a sponsored post about their blog, services, events and many more. I have heard of bloggers who earned their first money online through sponsored posts. An example is one of my favorite bloggers: Emmanuel Ekanem.

Information marketing: The most untapped marketing in Nigeria is information marketing. Information is power and power brings money. You can sell ebooks on your blog and make a huge income. If you offer to sell one book for $10 and make at least 100 sales per day, that’s a total of $1000 per month. This was how I got my first money online.

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