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At Techpanda, our main goal is to provide cutting-edge helpful information on blogging tips and latest opportunities you can leverage to make legitimate money online.

Techpanda is where you get those useful information and leverage on it.

About Johnson Ndubuisi

Techpanda was founded by Johnson Ndubuisi, a freelance writer and wordpress coach.


Johnson Ndubuisi

Since founding Techpanda in 2018, Johnson had continued to publish sure and proven information on  blogging tips, make money online and affiliate marketing opportunities for techies, bloggers, and non-techy individuals.

Techpanda is your-go-to-blog for updated and concise content.

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How can you contact me

I am quiet easy to reach. I am literally almost on all social media platforms available.

  1. Whatsapp: +2348134378916 (DO NOT CALL, only TEXT MESSAGES ALLOWED)
  2. Twitter: @JohnsonNdubuis6
  3. Instagram: Johnson Ndubuis

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