Airtel Cheats 2020: 100% free airtel data cheat

Airtel Cheats 2020: 100% free airtel data cheat

Airtel Cheats 2020: 100% free airtel data cheat

Yeah, guys. After many requests and researches, I finally found some airtel cheats that work for this year, 2020. If you’ve noticed, there is an unnecessary scarcity of airtel cheats on the internet lately but that not the case anymore.

Other networks like Glo, 9mobile and MTN all have cheats using VPN or codes except airtel. In 2019, I published some MTN cheat codes which also work in 2020. In this post, there are various MTN cheats which I keep updating frequently so you better be at alert.

You are obviously on this page because you are tired of buying 3GB worth of data on airtel every week and you want to actually browse cheaper without having to pay up to 7k per month on data.

I have noticed there is something crazy about how we surf the internet. The internet is now one of the necessities of man. Without the internet, many people cannot function. We have been so drawn to the internet that it only makes sense that you enter google and see a suggestion on “Airtel cheat 2020”.

You also need to learn how to convert airtime to cash.

People need data and data is important for many businesses to survive but this same data is very expensive and has cost people to be looking for different working data cheats.

Once a while, Airtel Nigeria rolls out an awesome free data plan for their subscribers but we have not seen any report of such recently. Instead of waiting, we quickly had to sort for airtel cheats that will work on our phone.

These airtel cheats may use VPN and may not. Sometimes all you need to do is send a text message or dial a specific fide on your android phone to activate these airtel cheats. Either way, it will be specified in this post.

Many airtel users are fed up of having to buy data every week in order to check their Instagram, chat on WhatsApp, do project works or perform homework. Therefore, techpanda decided to do the right thing by minifying the cost spent on data for each and every one of these projects.

Most students love to watch YouTube, Instagram videos, facebook feeds, download movies and games in their spare time. At least one out of these long list of airtel cheats will enable you do that for free.

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Now, let us quickly dive into our list of airtel cheats.
Note: These cheats may not work for your sim. They are mostly cheats that select the particular sim to work on. Some of them work on only old sim cardswhile others work on the new 4G sim only.

Airtel Cheat using droid VPN – Get free data on airtel

You can get free airtel data on your 4G sim with Droid VPN. One thing you should know about this Droid VPN is that it is important to disconnect it after 50MB has been used in order to avoid sim blocking.

Many VPN needs you to root your phone before they can function but Droid VPN operates different – no need for phone rooting.

The droid VPN works well with 3G and 2G network too and has a limit of 100MB per user. You are allowed to use as much as you like on multiple accounts. You get 100MB free everyday for free users. This VPN also works with GPRS and WiFi.

Now here is how to activate the airtel cheats with Droid VPN.
1. Go to the link to download the VPN
2. Once downloaded, install and launch the app immediately on your mobile phone.
3. Login with your username and password or create a new account

Follow the guide below:

  1. Get an airtel sim
  2. Make sure it has no airtime in it at all. (N0.00)
  3. Activate 3G on your airtel sim
  4. Download Droid VPN from playstore.
  5. Launch the app and select “settings” by the top left corner of the VPN
  6. Click on UDP settings and enter the following “UDP Port Configuration 9201”
  7. Remote UDP Port – 9201 and enter Local UDP Port 9201.
  8. Return to your phone’s home screen and select on the free server and click”start”.
  9. In the next few seconds, it will connect.

That’s one of the many airtel cheats we have for you.

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