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Amazon phone verification problem for Nigerians solved –

Written by Dada eniola

Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the best in the world . You can earn high commissions on a single sale. You get offered a wide range of options you can sell on your blog or social media account. However, the sign up process is very frustrating when it comes to verifying your phone number. Many Nigerians have the amazon phone verification problem but it has been solved.

I have also been trying to sign up but get stuck on the phone number verification page. It is either it takes a lot of time to respond or it just fails to verify. This is very frustrating. Sometimes I am asked to return and start all over again after an hour. Abeg who has that time?

Solving the amazon phone verification problem is not as hard as you think. So after much research, crying and whaling, i finally found the answer on Jide Ogunsanya’s blog so i decided to share it here also.

You only need three things to get this verification thing done successfully.

  1. Android phone
  2. Textplus app
  3. American phone number

Don’t worry about how to get your American phone number. It is actually easy and free. You can set it up withing five minutes from your android phone.
Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to playstore or 9apps and download “textplus” app on your android phone
  2. Sign up and verify your email account
  3. Click “customize my number” at the top bar of the app
  4. You will be asked to select your state and code, this is the state of your American number. As you can see, only USA states are available for selection.
  5. If done well, your number will be shown to you at the top.
  6. Return to your amazon verification page and paste that number where you are asked for phone number.
  7. Take note of the 4 digits that displays below that number.
  8. You will receive an incoming call to that number asking you to type those four digits for verification.
  9. If successfully done, you will receive a voice message asking you to return and complete your sign up. It is that easy.
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