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Bank alert income program helps you earn N10000 weekly into your account

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Written by Dada eniola

Have you ever heard of bank alert income program?

This is one crazy platform that proves to pay more than you can imagine.

I came across this from a WhatsApp group also and I just started testing it

But before I finally joined, I wanted a solid proof that this isn’t another scan network.

Well, my doubts were cleared. according to bank alert income program, you can earn as much as 20k by just doing some small jobs online.

We have all read my trick on how to get referrals on NNU, right? If you haven’t, you can still do so here.

Join minenaira and make money online

But today, I will introduce you to this crazy new income program called bank alert.

This is a list of things we will be looking at in this post:

  • What is bank alert income program?
  • How to join bank alert income program
  • How to make money on bank alert income program
  • Is bank alert income program a scam?
  • Bank alert income Paymemg proofs

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What is bank alert income program?

Bank alert income program is another money making platform that makes you up to N10,000 weekly without too much stress. Before we dive any further, please read below👇

Online earning is a risk so techpanda is not responsible for anything you may encounter while on the platform but we will share you proof that it is legit.

Bank alert is an awesome an legit way to make money without opening any shop or workspace.

Here is how it works:

*Let’s do a little calculation guys*💰🖋

*👉You share 50 facebook posts per day*
*50 × 10 = #500 naira*
*In a week that’s #3500*

*👉You submit two articles per day*
*2 × 50 = #100 naira*
*In a week that’s #700*

*👉You refer two people per week. Note that this isn’t compulsory at all but it can earn you money*
*2 × 700 = #1400 in a week

*_Let’s Sum it up_*
♻ 3500+700+1400 = 5600
5600 weekly profit all because of a one time payment of 1000 naira

👉 How cool is that and Guess What?😳😳😳…. You can make more than this weekly

You can make more than that though if you put in extra work.

How to join bank alert income program

Bank Alert income registration is easy and straight forward.

Like other income programs, you average to sign up with a fee bit this s cheaper.

Registration is just N1000 and your account will be created. You can eithEric use paystack or coupon code.

I recommend the coupon code because your account will be created in only a matter of matter of minutes.

In case you are going with the paystack option which requires you to sign up through a link, you can sign up here.

If you will be joining via coupon code, kindly whatsapp Me on 09024525882. Always available

How to make money on bank alert income program

It has already been explained above, but as you can see, the best way to make money is by referral.

What I am going to show you is how to get the referral you need.

This is an extract of how to get referrals on NNU, it also applies to bank alert income program. Read below:

This is the koko of the post. Since referring people is the best way to make money on bank alert income, I will show you the simple trick to get as many referrals as you want. Here they are:

1. Forum: Forums, especially nairaland, is a good place to get your referrals. All you have to do is have a complete and enticing description of how the program works, then post it in the “job/vacancies” category.
Give it a nice title like this one and add your contact at the end of the post. When you are contacted, simply send your referral link or sign them up yourself.

Note: always remember to shorten your link or else people will bypass your referral ID and you won’t be credited.

2. Micro niche blogs: You can build a micro niche blog about bank Alert income and work on the SEO. Micro niche blogs rank higher than general niche blogs if you know the way to do it.
After building your blog or or WordPress, create a lengthy post and add your referral link or banner on the sidebars or header of your blog.

3. Seminars: When you attend seminars, I see people that advertise their products and services. It doesn’t stop you from doing so. Reach out to some people and tell them about bank Alert Income and it’s advantages.
Get them to sign up through your link or give them your contact so when they ready they will contact you and sign up.

Bank alert income payment proof

I hope this is convincing enough for you.

Sign up on bank alert income program now

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