Best ad networks for newbie bloggers in Nigeria

best adnetworks for newbie bloggers
Written by Dada eniola

Blogging has become an amazing source of income in Nigeria. If you are a newbie and can’t wait for AdSense, then this post about “Best ad networks for newbie bloggers” is obviously for you.

It’s one thing to have a blog, it is another hung to get traffic, but earning from your blog as a newbie is a totally different thing.

After much hardworking you creating and typing long blog posts, you don’t still make a dime because you could not get that AdSense approval you were expecting. Maybe you should read this post on 13 things to do before applying for AdSense and change your life.

If you can’t wait for the AdSense approval, maybe I can show you some ad networks that will surely pay you. I’m not just going to show you, I will also advise you on the best niches to work on this Ad networks.

Are you ready? Wait, not yet. Promise me you will do something first?

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Below are the Best ad networks for newbie bloggers

Disclaimer: this is not a guarantee that you will become a millionaire blogger. You can try this ad networks and see the one that suits you most. They all work and pay perfectly but Techpanda is not held responsible for any behaviour they might exhibit towards you. Are we clear?

Now let’s ride on:

1. Yllix media: I swear I love this platform. You can earn up to $5 per day using this yllix ad network. It is a CPC network but works more as a CPA network also.

It is more suitable for download sites like app downloads, music, software etc. It also works perfectly for entertainment site. Yllix media pays via PayPal or wire transfer. The best thing about this network is the minimum payout. The minimum payout is $1 which you can get very easily.

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Like we all know, there’s nothing that has an advantage that doesn’t have a disadvantage. Yllix ads can be frustrating sometimes to your audience and their ecpm is very low – $0.01 per 1k views. according to an official: “The “eCPM” you, as a publisher, see in your account for today is your ESTIMATED rate for the traffic you have sent, counted by our network’s publishers’ average.

2. Studads: This is not a very popular ad network but it is also cool. Studads pays via cheque only and minimum payout is $10. Studads is an amazing ad network and it works well with health blogs because most of their ads are usually health-related ads.

They have a wide variety of ad types to choose from. You can choose from text ads, banner ads or layer ads. Studads pays $0.01 per click and only focuses on CPC.

3. Afriadverts: The first African ad network on the list. Afriadverts is also an amazing ad company for anyone who wishes to target Nigerians. Afriadverts is 100% legit and they do not scam anyone.

Afriadverts pays up to N35-N100 per click. It is very ready to join and their cashout is N5000 only.

4. Ngadverts: Ngdvert is another Nigerian ad network. They are tested and trusted they pay up to N30-N100 per clock and they have a cool referral program that allows you earn up to 20% of your publisher’s earnings.

5. Revenuehits: Revenuehits is a CPA network that pays you when people perform an action. Revenuehits is a CPA network and they are trusted. They pay $0.8-$10 per action. Their payout is $50 via payoneer.

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