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10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria

In our normal day to day living, it is inevitable that at one time or the other we may misplace and can’t remember where we kept our stuff, except with the aid of Bluetooth trackers in Nigeria. This stuff could include your car keys, television remote, phone, wallet, pets and even your little children (if you have ones that always do wander off without you knowing). 

In fact, there are a lot of things that we can possibly misplace and it can be a bit stressful having to engage in frantic searches to locate them when you have no clue at all where to start from. No doubt, almost everyone can relate to this. I can too.

However, situations like that aren’t completely helpless as modern technology has brought about the invention of Bluetooth trackers that can help you find your stuff easily, so you wouldn’t need to fret or panic next time you unknowingly misplace anything.

How do Bluetooth trackers work?

Bluetooth trackers are small thin devices which you can attach to your possessions. You pair a tracker with your phone, attach it to an item you’re likely to misplace, then use an app to find it when it’s lost. 

How does it really work?

When you hit the ‘find’ button, the tracker will emit a high-pitched tune that you can use to locate it. It uses the geographical location information you provide in your Smartphone or computer to track the item, making it beep or make a sound to let you know where exactly they are. Pretty amazing, if you ask me. 

So, in this post, we’ve been able to review a good number of Bluetooth trackers and we’re going lead you through the 10 best Bluetooth trackers in Nigeria you can get this 2019.

Why you should trust our review?

We have a well-trained specialist who specially test-use and review products and give feedback base on facts, quality, price, economic value, value for money and durability before recommending them for our users. Our review of Bluetooth trackers in Nigeria provides valuable details on the best Bluetooth trackers in Nigeria for Nigerians. Another of our trending review of  Lenovo “Thinkpad X1: a laptop with a folding display is also worth checking out if you want to know of the first ever foldable screen laptop called the ThinkPad X1. 

Tile Pro

tile 300x225 - 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

The Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker takes our top spot for best Bluetooth trackers in Nigeria.  First of all, it comes with a stylish look which is a round-cornered square of about 1.64 inches across and 0.26 inches thick—smaller than a matchbook—made of rugged-feeling white or black plastic with a metal border and a flat button in the center. An opening in the top-left corner lets you attach a key chain, lanyard, or similar tether.

The Tile Pro is small enough to fit into anything like your bag’s zipper, small sized digital camera, car keys. It has a longer range (the best if you ask me), so you don’t need to worry about finding stuff or items that are farther away. 

Among its other features comes a louder alarm, a standard CR2032 replaceable lithium battery that’s easily accessible via a slide-off door on the back and a crowd finding feature. The crowd finding feature lets other people help you locate your item, and this is most helpful when the tracker is out of Bluetooth range.

Tile-Mate is currently sold on Jumia for ₦3,995 – See it on Jumia

Track R Pixel

track - 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

The Track R Pixel is very light and small in size. It measures to about an inch and it’s about the size of a modern dollar coin, and it’s as thick as a stack of three quarters. 

You can attach it to anything – keys, phone, bags, remotes, wallet, in fact, whatever you are fond of easily misplacing. For instance, when it comes to keys, you might unknowingly misplace them in hard to see places. With the app which works with both Android and iOs devices, you can get to know the last known location of the item you are tracking and Track R pixel flashes brightly when it rings. 

What’s more? If it’s dark, this tracker also helps you with flashing LED lights. Even when attached to a phone on silent mode, the Track R pixel tracker can make it ring.

The Track R pixel cost ₦6,800  on Jumia – See it on Jumia


tile mate 300x200 - 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

The Tile Mate comes with a convenient hole to loop onto key chains or drop in a bag. It is a little smaller than the Pro at 1.37 inches square and has a great design and is quite cheaper than the Tile Pro. The replaceable battery is also great as it is guaranteed to last a year once you start using it.

For phone users who have a habit of misplacing their phones, a few or more times in a day and even worse, the phone being in silent mode, the Tile Mate can be particularly helpful as it can make your phone ring even when it’s on silent. It’s a cool feature this Bluetooth tracker comes with. However, its sound isn’t so loud and the Bluetooth range is shorter than that of Pro. Yet, it’s a great option to choose for Bluetooth trackers in Nigeria.

Tile-Mate is currently sold on Jumia for ₦3,995 – See it on Jumia

Chipolo Plus

chipolo - 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

The Chipolo Plus is 5 mm thick (the thickness of a coin) and is shaped like a circle. It is conveniently small enough to be attached to keys, dropped inside your wallet or stuck to the remote control. It is water-resistant and has a non-replaceable CR2032 battery that should last a full 12 months. 

Whether your misplaced item is under your couch, covered under piles of clothing or in between a set of books, the 100 dB sound is quite loud enough, enabling you to find misplaced items easier, no matter where they are.

The Chipolo plus app has a user-friendly interface. In the app, you can double press twice to ring your phone, even if its on silent. In the absence of the app, you can log in with your account details to Chipolo’s web portal in any browser to see where your trackers were last seen. 

I do like the Chipolo web portal because from there, you can mark them as lost and you can ring your phone, so long as it has an internet connection and the Chipolo app is running in the background. There is also a community Find’ system for tracking lost items outside of Bluetooth range.

The Chipolo Plus cost N9,000 on Jumai – See it on Jumia

Chipolo Slim Tracker

Chipolo Slim 300x300 - 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

The Chipolo Slim has a very thin design and it can comfortably fit into narrow places like a wallet or top of a portable hard drive. Its thickness is 0.08in (2.15mm). It has a good range, quiet alarm and comes along with a 1-year non-replaceable battery. This is our favorite of Bluetooth trackers in Nigeria.

If it’s your phone you’re looking for, simply double press your Chipolo Plus to make your phone ring — even if it’s on silent. Chipolo’s global community spans 150 countries and helps people locate thousands of items every day.

An extra amazing feature is its water resistance. I’m sure you’ll like this feature.

The Tile Slim is currently sold on Jumia for ₦6,800 – See it on Jumia

Samsung Smart Things Tracker

samsung 300x257 - 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

The Samsung Smart things Tracker allows you to keep tabs on people and things that matter most, whether they are under the same roof with you or a few miles away. Unlike the Tile Pro and Tile Mate, it doesn’t require Bluetooth to track your stuff, instead, it will show you the location of the tracker anywhere within the range of a cellular network uses the cellular network. It is LTE based so you can monitor indoors and outdoors and the battery can last up to a week on a single charge.

Another cool feature of this Bluetooth tracker is its automatic notification alerts. If you have kids in school or engaging in any activity outdoors, they can press the power button twice to send their real-time location right through the app. Or if they’re in trouble, they can send an SOS. Lastly, the Samsung Smart Things tracker has an IP68 water-resistant rating, the tracker is protected from dust and water.

See it on Jumia


cube 300x240 - 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

Cube is a small Bluetooth tracker with an easy-to-use app that helps you find everyday items quickly. With the Cube Bluetooth Tracker, you are capable of locating your device with a ring, vibration, or flash. In the app, you simply need to ping Cube via Bluetooth to make it ring, even on silent. For the battery, it is replaceable so you can use your Bluetooth tracker for years to come.

The Crowd finds feature is also there. So it’s very interesting that you can mark a Cube as lost and every phone on the Cube network will be looking for your lost item. When its located you’ll be sent a private message.

The Cube cost ₦3,551  on Jumia – See it on Jumia

Pebblebee Honey

pebble 300x256 - 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

The Pebblebee Bluetooth tracker comes in white color and is great for finding any item you misplace. You can simply attach it to your keys, wallet, purse, computer, luggage or even your pet. Its features include Loud Ringtone, LED Light to minimize search time and last seen GPS location of your misplaced item. Moreso, you can use the button on the tracker to find your phone and take hands-free selfies.

The Pebblebee honey works very well with Bluetooth 4 compatible phones such as iPhone 4S and above, Android 4.4 (BLE compatible). Its battery is also replaceable and can last for about 1 Year. Lastly, like every other Bluetooth tracker we’ve mentioned, the Crowd locate feature is present, so you can mark your item as lost and enlist the whole network of Pebblebee users to actively find your lost Honey.

The Pebblebee Honey cost ₦4,429 on Jumia – See it on Jumia

The Pebblebee Honey also cost $30 on Amazon – See it on Amazon

PingGPS Ping

ping home mobile - 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

The PingGPS Ping Bluetooth tracker is a good option for your pets, and even kids and it remotes anything you lose a million times a week. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, with the APP for iPhone 4S, for iPhone 5, for iPhone 5C, for iPhone 5S, for iPhone 6, for iPhone 6 Plus, for iPad 4, for iPad mini, for iPod touch, for Samsung S4, for Samsung S5, for Samsung M3, for Samsung M4 and other Android phones.

You can quickly locate items around the home using the indicator radar or tap the “Ring” button to cause your lost pet to ring. It is also a remote shutter and phone finder. It has 4 functions: track lost items, phone finding, selfie and multi-device management.

The PingGPS Ping cost ₦2,609 on Jumia – See it on Jumia

The PingGPS Ping cost $25 on Amazon – See it on Amazon


safedome 300x300 - 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria 2020

Last on our list of Bluetooth trackers in Nigeria is the Safedome card that has a superslim design of 1.6mm. It slips nicely into your wallet, purse or backpack. In fact, while we were reviewing the Safedome Bluetooth tracker, we were amazed at how so much tech was jammed into such a slim card. 

As slim as the card is, it offers Bluetooth 5 with improved signal stability and strength between the card and your smartphone for even more peace of mind. This means 2 x the range (up to 100m / 300 ft) – double that of existing trackers that use Bluetooth 4.

You can download the FREE Safedome app from the App Store or Google Play, customize Alerts in the app’s Settings and allow all notifications, so the app can work efficiently for you at all times. Even in a situation you misplace your phone, simply press the button on your Safedome card to make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent!

Finally, is the wireless charger which comes with it. So there would be no need to throw out your Safedome card when the battery goes flat. Simply recharge the card on the wireless charger. Charging pad also works with compatible phones and watches.

See it on Here

The Safedome is also available on Amazon for $60 – See it on Amazon


There you have it. Our 10 Best Bluetooth Trackers in Nigeria. 

I’m confident you would find one or two of these Bluetooth trackers worth your money and would like to get it for yourself, family, belongings, pets, kids e.t.c.

So let me know in the comments section below, which of these Bluetooth trackers in Nigeria interests you the most?

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