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Blogspot SEO guide: Ranking first page with blogger

Blogger Seo Guide

If there is anything I’ve learnt from blogging, it is that SEO is the best way to get traffic to a blog. So I took my time creating this blogspot SEO guide.

It’s been a while since I started this blog, techpanda and I must confess that SEO is the only thing keeping this blog together.

SEO is a long term work and results don’t just show in a day. If you are consistent, within 2 months, you will be smiling whenever you type a blog post.

No social media promotions, no ads….nothing. Just write my articles and hope Mr Google favors me. I must admit, I am a lazy blogger.Let me tell you a little story on why I support SEO more than any other means of getting traffic to your blog.
My first blog,  was filled with copy and paste. I do social media promotion, run ads and did all sort of things except SEO yet, no profit was made.

People visited a lot. In fact there was a time I had up to 2000 daily views but there was no single income coming in. The only time I made money from naijafalcon was when travelstarter paid me for a sponsored post during the time of world cup this year.

I changed it to a sports blog so people interested in the world cup will be visiting frequently. That was my only income from blogging for 9 months.I had AdSense on the blog but it was like a decoration. Oh my beautiful AdSense, sitting there decorating my blog 😭

I then had a rethink that why will I be getting that much traffic, yet no earnings? That’s a bad thing in blogging .

I then realised that most people who visit those niches are just interested in the topic alone. They never wanted to read anything related to that but when they saw the topic, they couldn’t resist and decided to check it out and return immediately. That’s why entertainment and news niches have higher bounce rates than most niches.

Then I sold off the blog to start techpanda. I focused only on SEO. Visited, Neil patel, watches YouTube every night with airtel midnight plan, downloaded ebooks, etc.

After a while, I started to take my time in writing posts. I would write one pos per week. My strategy was that I will write and only wait for that post to rank before writing another.

I started seeing changes and I was happy. I took SEO more serious. That’s why most of my traffic is from search engine. I learnt from the likes of Geeky Daniel, Emmanuel Ekanem, Prosper Noah and many others.

I’m a very busy person, so I don’t really have time to start doing social media promotions and running ads.

My views were still low and I wanted to do something big on my blog. I gave it some thoughts and I saw that there were keywords that people search for frequently according google autosuggest yet no keyword tool had any stat about them.

Why I love this is because it is completely free and saves you the time of using keyword tools to find the right ones.

If you add that to this blogspot SEO guide I will be teaching you here, trust me you will be making a good deal from blogging.

Blogspot is one of the most widely used blogging platform in the world, But many people have condemned blogger saying it can not serve you what you need.

Don’t listen to them, WordPress has plugins and you have brains. With your brain, you can do what plugins can’t.

I have put this blogspot SEO guide in order for you to rank well with your blogger blog. Irrespective of the niche you are.
You can blog about entertainment and rank, so also you can blog about technology and rank. I don’t believe there is any niche where you can’t rank but one problem is that people keep searching for already popular keywords and these keyword tools will suggest them for you meanwhile there are some great keywords you can also use but they are not yet available on these keyword tools.
Here is a perfect example of a keyword that got me 4000+ views and still counting, yet no keyword tool displayed it.

nnu tricks 300x181 - Blogspot SEO guide: Ranking first page with blogger

Search Engine Plays an important role in SEO. I mean we wouldn’t be doing SEO if there were no search engines, right? Before an understanding of SEO, first, we know how Search Engine works. How Search Engine shows result in search page according to the user search.

To many people, Google is the internet. It’s the starting point for finding new sites, and is arguably the most important invention since the internet itself. Without search engines, new web content would be inaccessible to a lot of people, unless you know where to look.

There are some stages search engine will pass through before you can start seeing your posts on google or other search engines.
They are: crawling (to discover content), indexing (to track and store content), and retrieval (to fetch relevant content when users query the search engine).


Crawling is where it all begins: the acquisition of data about a website.This involves scanning sites and collecting details about each page: titles, images, keywords, other linked pages, etc. Different crawlers may also look for different details, like page layouts, where advertisements are placed, whether links are crammed in, etc.


After crawling, the next thing a search engine bot will do is to index your page. Once your page gets indexed on the search engine, your post will be displayed on the search engine for a related keyword.


This is when the search engine will fetch useful content related to the query. For example, when I search for nnu trick, the search engine has indexed all blogs related to this query and will rank them according to their relevance to the searched term.

If there isn’t any blog with “nnu tricks” as the title, the search engine will look for one which has those two words relevantly placed in the post and rank it first, then other second according to relevance
Although you don’t have plugins like yoast, all in one SEO and others on blogger, you can still rank high on SERPs.

Now, here is the full blogspot SEO guide, but before we dive any further,you have to confirm the first step by submitting your blog to Google search engine.

But before we go further, you can sign upto my WhatsApp class where I teach SEO and also answer any questions related to SEO. With just a one time fee of N1500. You can contact me at +2349024525882.

Here’s how to submit blogspot blog to google search console:

1. Open this link in your browser: And add your site URL To Google.
2. After that, Click on “Sitemap” under the Crawl Section.
3. Then you will see a space to add your sitemap link. Simply copy and paste the text below to add your sitemap. This is for blogs with less than 500 words.


If you have more than 500 blog posts, paste the text below:


4. After that, click on “submit button and your sitemap will be sent to google. This will enable google spider crawl your blog when there is a new post.

The sitemap is just like a map showing the spider all the areas of your blog to crawl.

5. After performing that step, the main thing is to start setting your search settings directly from your blogger dashboard.

Blogspot SEO guide (Full SEO tutorial for blogspot)

There are some things google take into consideration when ranking a blog and they are:
1. Content
2. Pagespeed
3. Linking (internal & external)
4. Meta/search description


First thing to do is find yourself a very fast theme that matches your blog niche. Visit sora templates for free blogger theme.

Google likes to take theme pagespeed into consideration when ranking blogs. The reason is that visitors will only stay on a site that loads fast.If your blog is taking too long to load, visitors will leave, which increases your bounce rate and this sends a bad signal to Google. Thus, a decrease in your ranking.

How to know blogspot theme pagespeed?

Knowing the pagespeed of your blogger blog is really easy and this is one of the blogspot seo guide that is very important.
All you have to do is copy the theme’s demo page link. After that, visit and paste the link in the space available then click on ‘”analyze”.

gtmetrix blogspot seo pagespeed checker
Gtmetrix dashboard

After a few seconds, the website will automatically run through your blog and use an algorithm to determine your pagespeed and yslow score.

The standard pagespeed score for a website is 76% and the standard yslow score is 65%.If your theme is anything below this, try another one. Keep trying until you get the perfect theme.

A perfect theme needs to have the following features:
1. Fast loading
2. Very few colour combinations
3. Sidebar & header space for advert
4. Footer with at least 2 columns
5. Header menu

That is all on the pagespeed as an important aspect of bpogspot SEO guide.

Meta description

The meta description is one of the most important thing in on page SEO. Meta description shows how you want your blogspot blog to look on search engines.

Also, it tells the search engine what your blog is really about. It is very important to use keywords in meta description.

To create your meta description on blogger, follow the steps below:
1. Login your blogger dashboard
2.  On the right tab, click on “settings”

meta description 300x189 - Blogspot SEO guide: Ranking first page with blogger
3. Select meta description and click on “edit”

4. After that, add your meta description in the space provided. The meta description should not be more than 150 characters and just contain your keywords.

meta 300x202 - Blogspot SEO guide: Ranking first page with blogger
meta description box

Try to make your meta description as short and detailed as possible. For example, below is a meta description for an entertainment blog:
“Nigeria’s website for latest songs download and entertainment news. Download latest mp3 here”.

You see that below, I’m targeting four keywords already with that meta description. They are: entertainment news, latest mp3, download latest mp3, latest songs .

That way, Google will be able to know what your blog is all about thereby ondexing your blog as an entertainment blog.
So in SEO, count your meta description as a guide to writing your posts. You can’t have a meta description about entertainment and be blogging health related concepts.

It will be very hard for you to rank of front page. This blogspot SEO guide aims at giving you the hint on how to thrive in a niche.
A well known fact is that micro niches or blogs that focus on one articular topic rank higher than general niche blogs.


This is the most important aspect of SEO in blogging. As a blogger, you must ha come across the phrase ” content is king”.
This is not far from the truth. No matter how much backlinks you may have, if your content is poorly written, you will face difficulties in ranking except you know your way around back link building a this will surely come back to effect you in future when Uncle Google finds out you have been a very naughty boy.

The first step to creating a blogpost post that ranks is by knowing what you want to write about.The keyword research is very helpful in on page seo for blogpost users.

Back to our discussion, so how do you rank a blogpost easily without backlinks?

It’s really simple you know?
1. Get your low competition keyword.
2. Write a post
3. Submit to google
4. Rank!!!

Isn’t that easy enough?…Let me explain each of the nonsense I wrote above.

How to get low competition keywords for blogspot

It is one thing to have a keyword, it is another to know the difficulty of ranking that keyword. What I do if I want to do keyword research is by going to any keyword tool I can find. I don’t buy these keyword tools because at the end of the day, they might be a waste.

So I use the free ones like.
Kwfinder, Google keyword planner, Google auto suggest, ubersuggest, Google related searches.

In this blogspot SEO guide, I will advice you to use ubersuggest
Let’s start with ubersuggest
Ubersuggest allows free  searches everyday without any payment. If you don’t log in, you access to only one search.

1. Go to ubersuggest
Type in your keyword in the space provided. In the image below I entered ” into the badlands season 3 episode 9″.

2. Select your target country: You can select what country you want to target. It will show you how many people search that keyword per month in that articular country.

3. Click on search.

ubersuggest 300x198 - Blogspot SEO guide: Ranking first page with blogger

Things you should take note of…

KD: This means Keyword Diffculty. Your keyword difficulty should be less than 25. This will make it higher for you to rank.

CPC: If you use Adsense on your blog, this is very important. You can find high CPC keyword that can boost your earnings.

After you found your keywords, from kwfinder then it is time for you to put it into experimentation.

In your head, start drafting what your post will look like. Make sure you can write at least 1000 words on that post.

How to write blog posts that make first page

Start with your title: Make sure your title has a maximum of 65 characters. Let your keywords appear in the first two words.
Nothing more than 65 words.Let your title be between 55 to 65 words.

Permalink: Surprisingly,many blogspot users do not know that you can actually edit the permalink. Make sure your permalink contains your keyword or keyphrase.

labels: On wordpress they are called tags but on blogspot, we call them labels. These are located on the right hand side of your publishing page. Your label should contain the following:

  • All your target keywords
  • LSI keywords
  • Google autosuggests related to the keyword
  • Related searches

Content: Make sure your keyword is added to the first paragraph of your post. Make it flow naturally without any grammatical error. Also add your keyword to the last paragraph or last 100 words of your post. Write a lengthy post of at least 1000 words And finally, let the keyword density be between 0.6% to 1.5%.

Links: Now once you publish your post, the next thing to do is to build backlinks to that post.There is what we call internal and external linking. These help to move a post further up on SERPs. If your post is dangling at position you are not pleased with and you feel you can move it further up,all you have to do is extend the post further or build links to it (internal and external).

Below is an example of internal linking

infoguideafrica 1 300x193 - Blogspot SEO guide: Ranking first page with blogger
curlled from

External linking is just linking from another blog to your own blog. I  suggest you read this post on how to create backlinks manually.

Indexing: After linking, the next thing you need to do is index your post manually. It is not compulsory for you to create external links before indexing. Just do a bit of internal linking then index manually using the following steps:

  1. Login to your search console dashboard
  2. Select the blog you will be indexing
  3. On the right hand side, select “crawl”
  4. select “fetch as google”
  5. A new page will open where you will paste your link
  6. Copy the URL of that blog post which you just published and paste it there without your domain name.
  7. Select fetch
  8.  Click on request indexing
  9. Complete the CAPTCHA protection and select “Crawl this URL and its direct links”
  10. click OK

Wait few hours and your post will be indexed on google.

That is all on our blogspot SEO guide. Your questions are better answered on the group chat. Whatsapp +2349024525882 now to register with just N1500.


Originally posted 2019-02-05 14:11:04.

About the Author: Johnson Ndubuisi

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