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Cashawoof review: Don’t ever fall for this scam site. Reasons here

Cashawoof review: Another site like NNU. Scam or legit?

Cashawoof is another site like NNU. This is my own cashawoof review which will show you the in depth of how the program works and how you can earn easily on cashawoof. Instead, try minenaira here

I saw this site through an advert and I decided to check it out. Normally, I like to search for payment proofs before signing up but I couldn’t find any.

This made me suspicious and I did some findings which made me conclude that this is a scam.

Many times, a lot of people have fallen for these kind of scams and have wasted a lot of time and energy in something that isn’t real. So I am revealing this for you now so you don’t fall victim.

These kind of sites are copycats who got their idea from NNU and decide to try their luck not knowing they can’t keep Up.

On NNU, you get paid to read news,comment, login, refer people, right? Cashawoof is the same thing also but what makes cashawoof better than NNU? It is completely freeee!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Let me explain to you how these reward programs work.

Many of these sites run on Google AdSense (except NNU).

Google AdSense pastes adverts on these sites and pay them when people click or view the adverts.

Proper calculations have been done by the managers of these sites like NNU so they know their estimated profits when you view and earn.

They pay you part of their revenue but keep the better share.

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One way or another, they are a earning more than they are giving but you don’t know.

That’s how it works.

Except NNU which is way different. NNU used to run on Google AdSense but got banned due to some unwanted acts.

Now, NNU only earns from people that pay to drop their own adverts on the site.

You will see different banners everywhere on NNU official website.

These banners were paid to be put there by the owners because they know how many people will visit through them.

Now you understand, right? So can we move on?

What is cashawoof?

Cashawoof is an online platform that pays you when you carry out simple tasks like:

  • share a post on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp
  • Refer friends
  • Take daily quizes
  • Uploading profile photos
  • Uploading cover photos
  • Play games etc.

One cool feature about this program is that you earn N1000 free sign up bonus (which seems too good to be true) when you join and joining is free but there are different packages:

The free and the paid.

They also pay you N100 for everybody you refer using your personal link(friend or enemy).

How does cashwoof pay?

Cashawoof pays all members at the end of every month once you can reach the N20,000 threshold… isn’t that too high?

This is the breakdown of how you earn on cashawoof:
Registration – N1000
Daily visits – N50 once everyday
Comments – N2 * 3 times on a particular post
No limit to what you can earn on different posts daily.
Clicking on certain links – N10
N100 limited only to assigned links
Referral earnings – N100
Profile photo – N20 once a week
Cover photo – N20 once a week
Accepting friend requests – N1 per friend (no limit)

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You must be careful and do not spam the comment box with meaningless comments like lol, awwn, eyah, yh or links.

You will be charged N100 for every spam comment and N100 for meaningless comments. You have been warned.

Is cashawoof scam or legit?


Well, I did some findings and I can prove to you, through my experience that cashawoof is a scam website and they don’t really pay you at all.

Now let me give you some reasons why I think Cashawoof is a huge scam.

  1. No payment proof: Normally, all these reward sites have payment proofs from user but there isn’t one about Cashawoof. Try to search for “NNU payment proof” and your u will see some convincing proofs. Same thing with blog9ja and others but there isn’t one recorded payment proof on the platform. Does this mean nobody made the threshold? No! As far as I can tell, there are some people who spend a lot of time on these reward sites and some of them will have reached the threshold but never got paid. When you are on the site, there is also a tab that shows highest earners. The highest is 23k. one thing I know is that if you can reach 20k on this platform after so much work, you will be joyous and immediately cashout because of how much stress you went through. Even on Facebook, there is no proof of payment.
  2. No genuine contact: As you must have guess d from the name, Cashawoof is a Nigerian based platform so they should have a Nigerian contact, right? Well, I went through theit site And hit the “contact Us” page but found out that they use a different country code. As you can see in my screenshot below, you will notice they use +971 while Nigerian come ntry code is +234. If they claim to be from a different country, then how come they are using the word “awoof” in their name when it is plainly a Nigerian slang.
  3. cashawoof
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Cashawoof contact page screenshot

  • unreal earnings: If you didn’t believe the last two, then this should convince you. Why on earth would people pay you to accept friend requests, upload cover photos and profile pictures when it definitely isn’t adding to them? Even Facebook which is worth billions of dollars doesn’t pay You Such.

Finally, I think we can conclude that Cashawoof is nothing but a scam. Everything you do with them is at your own risk.



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