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Cheapest MTN data Plans 2020

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MTN is one of the most popular networks in Nigeria today. Probably because they have cheap data plans. Well, I’m gonna have to agree with that this time around as they recently released quite some cheapest MTN data plans.

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There are so many cheap data bundles you can try today but you can’t afford to miss the cheapest MTN data plans. It all depends on your choice of Telecomm network. But one thing is certain. Majority of Nigerians will always seek for the cheapest data plans.

You might be fed up with the regular data plan that makes you spend almost N7000 monthly. This cheapest MTN data plans will reduce your budget.

MTN has stepped up their game in recent times. Ever since they notified that GLO has been the cheapest for Nigerians lately. So they decided to take it up a notch and reduce their cost or data, which has benefited many Nigerians.

Cheapest MTN Data Plans 2019

MTN Nigeria has been trying lately, after noticing that Glo Data Bundle are the cheapest plans for Nigerians and that Glo won the best Nigeria Telecom providers for the first 3months of 2018, then and there, MTN woke up from their slumber.

Since then, MTN has been launching the cheapest MTN data plans for both for Java, Android Smartphones, etc. Below are the data plans for both Light and Heavy Users.

MTN Data Plans Costs Validity Data Plan Code
Daily 50MB + 25MB Plan N100 24hours Send 104 to 131
Daily 150MB Plan N200 24hours Send 113 to 131
Weekly 150MB Plan N300 7days Send 102 to 131
Weekly 500MB Plan N500 7days Send 103 to 131
Monthly 1GB Plan N1000 30days Send 106 to 131
Monthly 1.5GB Plan N1200 30days Send 130 to 131
Monthly 2.5GB Plan N2000 30days Send 110 to 131
Monthly 5GB Plan N3500 30days Send 107 to 131
Monthly 10GB Plan N5000 30days Send 116 to 131
Monthly 22GB Plan N10,000 30days Send 117 to 131
60 Day / Quarterly Plans 50GB N20,000 60days Send 118 to 131
60 Day / Quarterly Plans 85GB N50,000 60days Send 133 to 131

MTN Daily Data Plan

Like all other networks, MTN also has its own daily data plan. This plan is usually valid for 24hours only but some can last up to 3 days.

Below is a list of all MTN daily plans

1. Daily 50MB + 25MB Plan: Which costs N100 and valid for 24 Hrs. You can subscribe to MTN daily plan by sending “104” to 131.

2. Daily 150MB Plan: Which costs N200 and valid for 24 Hrs. You can subscribe to MTN daily plan by sending “113” to 131.

3. Weekly 150MB Plan: Which costs N300 and valid for 7days. You can subscribe to MTN weekly plan by sending “102” to 131.

4. Weekly 500MB Plan: Which costs N500 and valid for 7days. You can subscribe to MTN weekly plan by sending “103” to 131.

MTN Monthly Data Plans

Bigger gadgets take more data. iPads, iPhones, Laptops take extra data, hence you need to subscribe for the monthly plan.

Subscribing for the daily or weekly plan will only increase your expenses. If you use bigger gadgets and you subscribe for the daily plan, you might be forced to subscribe at least twice a day.

So you can pick from the list of MTN monthly data plans mentioned here.

N1000 to get 1GB

This is another cheap data bundle plan for Light Users. And the amount is cheap, all you have to do is to SMS 106 to 131. Please note that it is valid for 30 Days.

N1,200 to get 1.5GB

This bundle plan is the best plan for all devices, all you have to do is to Text”130″ to 131 for 30days.

N2,000 to get 2.5GB + 1GB (bonus)

To activate this plan, Text”110″ to 131 and after that, the 2.5GB plus 1GB bonus will be activated.

MTN 5GB For N3,500

This is another good Data Plan for iPhone, PC, Tablet although, Android phones users can make use of it. Text”107″ to 131. For 30 Days. This is one of the cheapest MTN data plans you can subscribe to.

N5k to get 10GB

As I have said above getting 10GB for N5k is not a plan for light users, but we just wanted you to know this, just SMS 116 to 131 for 30 Days.

N10k to get 22GB

This plan is really amazing to subscribing to and it is one great data plan which is also good. To activate it, just SMS 117 to 131 for 30 days. Using Windows, PC, iPhone, iPad devices. Then this data plan is the best plan for you.

MTN 50GB For N20,000

Do you love watching movies online, funny videos, amazing videos and the rest of them? Then this Heavy Plan is the best for you. It is Valid for 2Months, to activate this plan, you can SMS 118 to 131.

MTN 85GB For N50,000

As I have said, Heavy Users are those that browse 24hours with their devices, watch a lot of movies, videos and download much. So for all heavy user out there, there is the 85GB for N50000, it is Valid for 3 Months. To activate, you can SMS 133 to 131.

If you are not still satisfied by this list of cheapest MTN data plans, then you can try this list of MTN cheats.

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