About Me


Hey, fan. I am Dada Eniola Israel, the admin and creator of this blog. You are viewing this page because you want to know some things about me. Well, I will be very transparent in this introduction.

First let me start by dropping a picture of myself.

dada Eniola

Yes, that is me. I am human. LOL.

I am a young teen (at the time of this update though) who is into blogging, freelance writing, SEO, wordpress development and I have good business innovation –¬† at least that is what my friends say.

Techpanda was created in 2018 to drop updates on making money online, cool apps, mobile banking, and many others. I am looking to expand it very soon though.

Below are the services I offer:

  • SEO writing: Yes, I do SEO too. I have been in the SEO world long enough to give you articles that rank of front page without stress.
  • Blog Development: I also develop wordpress (with premium theme and domain) and blogger blogs for clients. I have worked on many blogs in my time and they are all doing good. A notable example is sparkmedia.com.ng
  • Chatbots building: Chatbots have become better than email marketing by a huge margin. This can boost your business and blogs to a whole new level. LOL, I also know how to build chatbots for businesses and blog owners. Once you have a facebook page, i can help you get a chatbot at a very cool offer. (n5000)
  • Feed APP: Yeah, you know those apps that keep updating whenever a new post is posted on a website or blog? I can do that for you also.


How can you contact me?

I am very easy to reach. I am literally almost on all social media platforms available.

  1. Whatsapp: +2349024525882 (DO NOT CALL, only TEXT MESSAGES ALLOWED)
  2. Facebook: facebook.com/israel.dada.14
  3. Twitter:
  4. Instagram: @trendzblog