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First Bank WhatsApp Banking – Setup and Full Guide

First bank whatsapp banking
Written by Dada eniola

Few months ago, First Bank of Nigeria launched their own WhatsApp platform which is known as “First Bank WhatsApp Banking“. Few other banks have also launched this idea so they are not the first.

However, it doesn’t stop First Bank from still ranking among the best banks in Nigeria and nobody can deny it. First Bank has been a leading bank right from the day they were established and they have kept up to expectations long enough to say they are arguably the best bank in Nigeria.

They decided to kick it up a notch by introducing their WhatsApp messenger platform where you get their WhatsApp number or WhatsApp contact.

You can chat directly with the bot and make enquiries on issues that are bothering you.

WhatsApp Banking has expanded among Nigerian bank. It makes banking simpler and faster.

What is First Bank WhatsApp Banking?

With First Bank WhatsApp Chat Banking, you can carryout bank transactions easily by chatting with the First bank WhatsApp contact.

You can contact First Bank through various ways like email, hotline, their website etc, but now, Firstbank WhatsApp number has been created for you.

This WhatsApp number enables you to chat live with a company’s representative, ask questions and perform online transactions without going to the bank.

You can’t deny that in the 21st century,chatting has become part and parcel of our daily lives. Rarely can we go a day without chatting g on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. So First Bank decided to bring the bank closer to the people and gave you their own First bank WhatsApp contact.

What you can do with First bank WhatsApp Banking Number?

The first bank WhatsApp chat number gives you diverse operations to carryout. You can perform the following:

  • Balance enquiries
  • Pay bills
  • Onboarding
  • Funds transfer
  • Airtime Purchase
  • Data purchase
  • And many more.

How to start using First Bank Customer Care WhatsApp Number

To start using First Bank chat banking in WhatsApp, you have to perform some small tasks first. First Bank has assured their customers that using this WhatsApp platform is 100% secure and no harm can come to your account.


Every customer needs to generate or WhatsApp banking PIN to complete all their transactions with the WhatsApp customer care number.

Here is how to begin:

  1. Go to your ohone book or contact list
  2. And this first bank WhatsApp Number 08124444000. Launch your WhatsApp
  3. Go to your list of WhatsApp contact and look for the WhatsApp number
  4. You will see “First Bank” as the name. Just type “hi”

That’s all. As you can see it is pretty simple and straightforward.

Note: Your WhatsApp number has to be the same number you registered with the bank.

So now all that’s left to do is activating the First Bank WhatsApp Banking

How to activate First bank WhatsApp Banking

One major advantage of this WhatsApp banking is that it makes it easier to transfer funds. You don’t also need to wait for hours on a queue to make complaints. You can do ao from the comfort of your home.

Here is how to activate it.

  1. Opt in by accepting the set down terms and conditions.
  2. Provide your account details
  3. Validate using your debit card (ATM card)
  4. Setup your WhatsApp PIN
  5. Perform your first transaction.

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