FoskaayAYEP season1: Get N100000 to start your business now

Foskaay is an online forum and they are giving N100000 to youths to kick start their business. They also support already existing businesses to get the essential tools and services to take help it grow and enhance productivity. FooskayAYEP is powered by foskaay to enable members of the forum to start their business both online or offline. It smply means Foskaay African Youths Empowerment Platform
You simply drop your business idea and why you need the one hundred thousand naira. The winning idea gets picked by votes from moderators of the forum and the best idea wins the cash prize. It is very easy to become a member. Active members win N10000 cash + airtime weekly from the ongoing 25 weeks give away.
The best thing about foskaayAYEP is that it is free and easy to sign up.

  • Just visit
  • Sign up and insert “hennyholla” as referral
  • Stay active and boost to level 2
  • Active users win N10000 weekly
  • Drop your business idea in the page for foskaayAYEP
  • If yours get picked, you will win N100000 to start or improve your business
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Dada eniola

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