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GoMoney Referral Program: Make up to N10,000 naira daily



GoMoney referral program: Make up to N10,000 for free

The GoMoney referral program is one of the newest ways to make money easily and stress free.

If you’re reading this post, no doubt you are keen on knowing legit opportunities to make money online without spending a dime and GoMoney referral program is one way to achieve that.

You can be making up to N10,000 naira for free without spending a dime. This is no joke. This is REAL!

So, let’s get started.

What is GoMoney?

GoMoney is what you’ll call “a standalone bank” (Internet/mobile banking app) that enables you to send funds, request funds and split bills to ease cost. You can also purchase data and airtime of all networks through the app.

How Does GoMoney Referral Program Work?

Its quite easy to understand. When you download the GoMoney app and join(register), you would have tp fund your account with only N1,000. Now, one interesting thing is that you can later withdraw the N1,000 back to your bank account or if you like, you can use it to purchase data or airtime inside the app.

That’s not all.

If you refer a friend or anyone to GoMoney app, the person is required to input your referral code (which is your phone number). Whenever the person funds his/her account with 1,000, you will receive a referral bonus of N500.

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And it gets more interesting because the referrals can withdraw back the 1,000 they deposited. However, due to transaction charge, he/she will only be able to withdraw back N992.

This simply means that you as a referral get to pay only N7 to activate your account.

In summary, if I refer you to GoMoney and you download the app, use my referral code to join and deposited/funded 1,000 in the app, I will be credited 500 because you used my referral code(which is my number) to join. Afterwards, you can withdraw your deposit as N992 straight to your bank account or use it to purchase data or airtime.

So think of it this way: if you are able to refer 20 people tp join GoMoney using your referral code, and they all deposited 1000 to their account, you will be credited a sum of N10,000 as your referral bonus.

How To Register On GoMoney App

STEP 1: Download GoMoney App from here

GoMoney referral program: Make up to N10,000 for free

STEP 2: Enter your mobile number for registration and a six-digit code will be sent to you to verify your account

STEP 3: Once done, input your email address and accept all terms and conditions.

STEP 4: Fill in all necessary details and input REFERRAL CODE. Use this number 08039458218 as your referral code, as shown below:

GoMoney referral program

Note: Make sure you insert “08039458218” as your Referral Code so we can both earn.

STEP 5: Now, input other necessary details

STEP 6: Once done, create a 4-digit unique code which will be required for any transaction.

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STEP 7: Lastly, create your security questions and answers and you are done.

How To Fund Or Deposit Money On GoMoney App

To deposit money or fund your account, simply tap on the “FUND” button at the upper right side of the app. You can then choose to fund your GoMoney account from your bank (I used Bank option).

GoMoney Referral Program

or by using an ATM card option. Simple as that.

GoMoney referral program: Make up to N10,000 daily



On the navigation buttons at the bottom of the app, tap on “PROFILE” and choose the “INVITE FRIENDS” option and copy the referrals link to clipboard.

GoMoney Referral Program: Make N10,000 daily

And the number you used in registering for GoMoney app is your referrals code. For example, this my number which is my referrals code 08039458218.


Do not forget to tell the person you are referring to input it while they are registering new account on Gomoney app.


PLEASE NOTE: The deposited N1,000 is for your GoMoney account activation. You are free to withdraw it back so that you can start referring and earning as well.

So what are you waiting for?

JOIN GoMoney Referral program NOW!

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Joomta review: Another make money online site in Nigeria



Joomta is another make money online site in Nigeria and many people have started joining. This review might be a little late and a lot of people have joined already, but it does not stop the facxt that many of these people still need a guide on what to do when they are on the site.

We have come across different income programs in Nigeria, yet very few offer what joomta offers. oops, what does joomta offer that others don’t? Well, we are about top find out. First, let us gist a bit about making money online.

I know you are more excited to know more about joomta but you should also be excited to know more about making money online in case joomta does not really work out for you. You get what I am saying, right?

There are so many ways to make money online in Nigeria and many of these ways involves you signing up and referring people, but little do you know about how to make money on instagram. Instagram is the best way to market your products and services in 2019.

Instagram offers you an interface to make money online by showcasing what you do in HD format, running adverts and targetting the right audience.

Forget all these income program stuff, instagram is the main deal and that is why trendzmedia wrote a book on how to make money with instagram. Well, I won’t be going to deep in that because you can pay a visit to their official website and buy the book.

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Let us return to our joomta review.

As I said earlier, joomta offers you what other income programs do not offer and that is the opportunity to join without paying any fee. Yes, you heard me right. Registration for joomta is absolutely free and anybody can join.

All you do on joomta is refer people, read news and earn money. It is that easy to make money on joomta. Let me just be a bit civilized and write in a more cultured manner. Here are the things we will be looking at in this joomta review:

What is Joomta?

Joomta is an affiliate program created for Nigerians to earn money by inviting their friends, enemies and family members. There is actually no limit to how much you can earn on joomta. You can earn as much as 50000 naira monthly if you have so much people to refer.

Every member is given a specific link to refer their friends. Once your friend successfully registers from that link, you earn a commission and that can continue for as long as you wish. The more you refer, the more you earn.

However, you should note that these affiliate sites have policies/terms and conditions which they expect all their activem members to meet. If you don’t meet these requirements, you might never get oaid. ASK NNU.

Joomta registration

Registration on joomta is very easy and straightforward. All you need to do is fill in your original details and sign up. Obviously, the first thing to do is visit their website. Sign up and start referring people. It is advised that you find as much information as you can before joining. Some affiliate programs might be legit but their policies might not be suitable for you. Many people do not have the time because of their busy work schedule. Some people only do affiliate program tasks during the weekend.

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How do I make money on Joomta?

From what I heard, one can make money by reading news and referring friends but I think referring friends is still the surest way to make money on joomta. You can refer as much friends as you like. Joomta earns their revenue from ads displayed on the site and pays their members a particular reward from any income they make.

You earn N400 per referral on joomta. Mathematically, when you refer 100 people, you earn N40,000 on this site. It is very easy to get referrals non joomta. Unlike other income programs, joomta is free to join and people love free things. SO take the chance now, get referrals and start making huge income from this income program.

 Is joomta Scam or Legit?

After all the gibberish, it seems like we did not say anything about joomta income program being scam or legit. Well, the truth about the matter is that this is a legit way to make money online but not the most relevant. According to sources you need a certain amount of weekly referrals before you can get paid at the end of the month.

Joomta is a paying income program, that is not a doubt but you their policies are strict and may be difficult to meet. However, there are lots of payment proofs littered all over the web and we must have come across one on our whatsapp groups or status.

So I theme this income program LEGIT!

BUT you should not be quick to put all your investments into it because there is no official record of this affiliate program. It is not registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission and has no known office anywhere as at the time of publishing this post.

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Well, that is all on this joomta review. Try your best and see how much you can make from joomta.

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Make Money Online

Giftal World Review: Another legit make money online scheme or a scam?



online business

After receiving many whatsapp messages and disapproved comments, I have finally decided to do the giftal world review. Are you all happy now? So we have come across so many income programs in Nigeria, and we see that many are scam while few are legit. It does not still stop people from participating in them as income programs are part of the things keeping money in many people’s pockets in Nigeria these days.

There are some things you must take note of before you put sll of your hope in this giftalworld income program. You must have noticed how bad many income programs have fallen over the past few months. Even NNU stopped paying members. Can you see how risky putting all your hopes into income programs can be. Well, if you are the type that likes taking risk and has a lot of faith, you can continue reading this. I have bot yet concluded if giftalworld is a scam or not. I am only giving you heads up in case they fall like others. Is that clear?

Now let us proceed…..

But we will be taking each and everything about this giftwaorld income program. Before we can conclude that an income program is scam or legit, we have to first check certain things about the income. If you have read my previous posts about income programs, you will see that I try my best to give a detailed explanation on the best ways to earn from them and what they are all about.

This post will not be any different as we must first be sure if we can trust this income program with out little money and investment before proceeding to become members. You are probably getting bored of my stories…so let us get into what we have for now.

What is Giftalworld Income Program?

Let us call a spade as spade. This is just another NNU concept. Giftalworld is an income program that pays you to perform tasks. Oh, where have we heard that before? Pretty much all the income programs that ever existed in Nigeria.

In your mind, you are probably thinking  “What is giftalworld all about?” Well, this is just another income program like the other hundreds that have been established in NIgeria. SO far, they have been confirmed to be a paying income program. I think people should start joining this one before they get overcrowded an stop paying people.

Giftalworld is a legitimate earning system and it has been proven by a lot of people, even whatsapp TVs. Giftalworld is still a new system in the game. However, we are not 100% sure they can stand the test of time. NNU was also booming until they could no longer pay their members due to overcrowding of the income program. This is the right time to join giftaalworld without waiting to see proofs. In fact, I will be showing you few payment proofs at the end of this posts so you can see for yourself that this is a legit online income program and not a scam.

Giftalworld media concept was created October 26th , 2018 by Nigeria Blogger, Raji ibrahim (Ebright)  under the legal Protection of GIFTALWORLD TECHNOLOGIES. Since then, this income program has grown to be successful and still paying its members till date.

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Giftalworld Registration and Login

Registration is easy and straightforward, but not free. All you need to do is register here with all your correct details. Let your name match your account details so that they can easily automate your payment.

After filling the form, you will be taken to the p-payment page where you will make your payment and start earning from giftalworld. You can pay online with your Visa, mastercard or verve or you can generate payment advice and go ahead to the nearest bank in your location.

How to make money from giftalworld income program

There are so many ways to  make money on this income program. I mentioned earlier that giftalworld pays you to perform tasks, but what I did not speak on is the kind of tasks you will be asked to perform on the platform.

ON giftalworld, you earn by reading posts, sharing posts, dropping comments and also by referring friends. Giftalworld earns from adverts and they share some of the revenue with their members. You get part of the revenue because you were involved in their success directly or indirectly.

Take note of this next aspect because it is the most important thing on the platform:

  • After successful registration, you become an affiliate on giftalworld and earn N1200 on any member you bring to sign up through your referral link.
  • Your referral link will be shown in your dashboard once you become a member
  • You earn N50 for sharing sponsored posts
  • N300 sign up bonus upon registration
  • N5 per page viewed on giftalworld
  • N100 per video upload. Your video must be accepted before you can get paid.
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As promised earlier, I will show you payment proofs so you can see that this is a legit platform and anyone can earn from it; students, bankers, teachers, lawyers, anybody at all can earn from giftalworld.

Payment proofs



Those are testimonies from other members. One thing I love the most about giftalworld is that they pay every Sunday of the month. They send payment four times a month even with only one referral.

You can join them and start  making money from giftalworld. It is pretty cool and 100% legit.

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Make Money Online

Free bitcoin mining app for getting bitcoins daily



You are probably one those bitcoin guys who always track new means to get free bitcoin mining and a way to earn free bitcoins daily and sell them. I have friends like you, always watching out for the rise and fall of bitcoin like its something else.

Seeing this post, you probably think it’s impossible to get free bitcoins daily but you can try using the app I will introduce to you.

So many income programs have been established to meet your needs but have you heard about this 100% really way to get free bitcoins online everyday.

If you have tried most of the inxome programs in Nigeria and they didn’t work for you, well, still keep calm because this one is definitely one of the best ways to earn.

Bitcoin has become a really huge business among youths these days for some reasons.

Well, enough of the talk and let me finally introduce to you the apl that gives you free bitcoins daily. *Drum roll please*

Free bitcoin mining app

Pivot is a Chinese organisation for crypto currency investors while pivot app is just like NNU which helps you earn for reading news and sharing posts online. They pay in bitcoins.

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Once you register, you will join the league of pivoters and you stand a chance to getting some amazing benefits from the pivot one app.

Pivot has up to five investors which makes it very legit and trustworthy.

How To Sign Up for Pivot Bitcoin fast

Did I memtion that when you register on pivot one, you get a free bitcoin?

It isnt as difficult as getting Adsense approval. Registration is easy and straightforward.
1. Visit the pivot website here and login
2. A pop-up message congratulation congratulating will be shown

3. Install the pivot app
4. Register with a working email address

After you have successfully registered, you can now start earning by following the tricks below to earn free bitcoins online everyday.

Easy ways To Earn Free Bitcoin from Pivot App

Pivit power is the mean for you to an bitcoins from this app. I will be explaining what pivot power is right about…!

What is Pivot Power?

Pivot batch determines how much bitcoin you earn everyday. It is a batch of daily BTC bonus which helps you earn you free bitcoins. You can warn more pivot power by reading news, inviting friends etc.

Hope that explanation is enough for you? If 2000 power is going to be shared for that day, you will earn 100 of it and take 0.5% of the bitcoins for the day in the income pool.

Ways To Earn Power On Pivot One

There are different cool ways to earn pivot power from this app and they are all cool. However, you need to work well to get better bitcoins. These are the ways to learn free bitvoin from pivot one app

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Theu also have a cool referral program where you can 10000 power for every single person you refer to the platform. It may be a family member, friends, girlfriend, enemies etc. Just make sure that person signs up using your referral link and 10000 power are all yours.

Read latest posts on the app

You can also earn free Pivot Power by reading post on the Pivot App. Just open a post and read it and after that you just claim your Pivot Power.

Referral bonus

Like the referral earning isn’t cool enough, you also earn 10% of your invited friends earnings for life. Cool right?

From what you have seen above, I think we can both conclude that referral is still the best way to get extra bitcoins on the app. So you should try your best to invite as many people as possible using social media, paid ads, blogs, pages etc. It will also save you the streas of having to read pats daily.

Imagine you invite 100 people and earn 10% of their earnings for life. That’s so cool.

How can I get my referral link on pivot app?

This app may seem a bit complicated if you are a new user. However, you have nothing to worry about because I will be showing you the easy way to get your referral link on the app. Follow these easy steps and you will be fine.

  1. Launch you app
  2. Click on your profile icon
  3. Select “refer a friend”
  4. Click on “Invite my friends”

That’s everything you need to know about the app that gives you free bitcoin everyday.

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