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Hammer VPN MTN free browsing cheat 2019

Written by Dada eniola

Yes! good news, guys. There is another new free browsing cheat for MTN users and it makes use of one VPN. If you tried the previous MTN data cheats I posted and couldn’t get anyone to work for you, this might just be your lucky day.

This is another free browsing cheat that is working 100% now and you need to get it right this time. Your friends have started using this cheat so why cant you?

We are going to go through how to use this Hammer VPN to get freed browsing on MTN so you might want to get your MTN sim ready.

This VPN doesn’t work in Nigeria. There are specific countries it works for, but it has been moded to work for us right here in Nigeria. So no need to worry, you will soon start browsing for free again on your MTN.

This is a freemium VPN. Meaning it has free and premium servers. The free servers can also work for the MTN cheats so don’t worry about paying any fee for subscription.

The only downside of this VPN is that there are limited and unlimited plans. Some sims can work oerfectly with the unlimited plan while others will just be given 100mb dailhy to browse.

This VPN has a Maximum of 100mb daily for each server. When it has been exhausted, you can quickly switch to another server and enjoy another 100mb. You could be using up to 1GB with this cheat.

Are you ready? Of course, I know youre excited. You are probably tired of buying data worth N2000 weekly. At least this will help to minimize your spending. Now let us look at the requirements to activate MTN free browsing with hammer VPN:

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1. Your Smartphone
2. MTN sim
3. Hammer Vpn which can be Downloaded here
4. Hammer VPN free browsing settings

Onc you have those requirememts checked, you need to set up hammer VPN and get started with your free browsing on your MTN sim.

How to activate Hammer VPN free browsing on MTN

Follow the steps below to start browsing for free on your MTN sim card with Hammer VPN:

  1. Download and Install Hammer VPN here
  2. Open the app
  3. Username – leave it as it is
  4. Password – leave it as default
  5. Server- Select any free server
  6. R Port – Enter 8080
  7. L Port – Enter 9201
  8. Last box – leave as it is
  9. Click on connect
  10. Start enjoying your free data

Once all these have been set, you can now start browsing for free on MTN using hammer VPN.

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