“Harry Potter Method” – How to make everyone love your blog posts

You have probably seen or heard of Harry Potter, right? One quality about Harry Potter is his likability and charisma. How do you write a likable and attractive post?

This is where the Harry Potter Method comes in. It is a method I discovered and has worked for me on my other blogs. To write a blog post that gets tons of views, you need to insert at least 2000 word, images, infographics and pictures. All these take a lot of time to gather and format properly on your blog that is why I will teach you how to write one that will get a lot of views with just 250 words and five images. Sssshhhh! it’s a secret.

First, in case you are still asking why I named it “The Harry Potter Method”, it is so named because Harry Potter was not a perfect kid in school and most times did not live up to expectations but always came out shining among his competitors (Malfoy dumbass).

Now, like I said, you can get hundreds of shares and a thousand views with just 250 words and 5 images. This kind of posts entertains visitors because they read each paragraph with a funny meme or pics to back them up and get the best reader experience ever. Who does not love a joke?

So the Harry Potter technique is done using the following steps:

  • Create a list post
  • Add a little detail to each paragraph on your list post
  • Search for funny images or memes that match each paragraph
  • Insert the images immediately after each respective heading.

If you do it well, it will look something like this. see here

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