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How to fix phone not charging

One of the most popular smartphone problems is that they fail to charge sometimes. That is why we are going to be learning how to fix phone not charging problem.

It can be really frustrating when you discover that your phone I’d not charging.

Since phones are one of the most important things in ones life these days. We tend to feel a little depression setting whenever our phones are not in good state.

Android phones, especially face this problem. You know a lot of phones that can get serious issues whenever something minor happens to them.

In fact, there are many reasons why a Android phone won’t charge properly or totally. It could be:

Many android users usually have these complaints:

  • My Samsung phone is not charging
  • Phone not charging when plugged
  • Mobile charging problem
  • Why is my phone charging slow
  • How to get your phone to charge faster
  • Non removable battery not charging
  • My phone charges but the battery percentage doesn’t move
  • How can I fix my phone not charging.

Different problems but many of them have the same solutions. Just take your time and see the things that may cause your phone to stop charging. It could be any of these:

Faulty charger: This is usually the first thing you check for when your phone is not charging. Apart from the charger, it can also be faulty socket,adapter, or cable.

Third-party apps: There are some appas that are dangerous to your phone. That’s why Google setup androids to ask for permission before installing certain apps.

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Charging port: This is also one of the most popular reasons why phones fail yo charge. A faulty charging port can stop your hone from charging or make it charge extremely slow.

Software collapse: All phones need software to detect when if there is a charger plugged in. If the software crashes or has sissies, the phone can also stop charging.

Software update: This might sound crazy but some older android versions can find it difficult to charge when they are updated to the new versions.

If you recently updated to android 9.0/8.0/7.0/6.0, your phone can be charging slowly.

There are many ways to fix the phone not charging problem. Samsung galaxy series, HTC, Nexus, LG are usually the victims of this issue.

How to fix android phone not charging

1. Try a new charger or cable: This should be the first thing to do. Since you can easily get a new charger from a friend or family member, test it on your phone and check if the charger charges it. The problem might just be from your charger.
Many people might no longer be using the real USB cable that comes with the phone. Don’tuse some low quality cable you saw them selling in the streets. Thus could cause charging problem.

If it is not your cable, you can try to connect your phone to a different socket or use a new adapter for your phone.

2. Clean the charging port: Cleaning the charging port might just be the solution to your phone not charging.

Use a flashlight to take a close look at the charging port and check for anything that may clog it. If it is clogged, clear it with a cutton wool or apply compressed air to blow it clean.

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You can also use a toothpick to clean the charging port. USB cable is frequently plugged in and out so this may cause the metal tab in the charging port to be distorted or damaged.

You can fix a broken charging port in these three steps:

  1. Power off the device and remove the battery.
  2. Get a toothpick or any pointy material that can fit into the charging port and carefully put it in the charging port
  3. Gently raise up the tab a little.
  4. Connect your phone to a charger and check if it charges

3 Restart your device: Although this works in rare cases, it might just be what you need. A reboot can fix phone not charging problem. In cases where android device is charging slow or doesn’t charge at all, this can just be the solution.

4. Replace the battery: The normal battery lifespan is two years. After two years, your battery will start having different issues like quick draining or improper charging.

5. Use a lower android version: Like I said, android version can also affect the charging. If you upgraded to a higher version and your phone is not charging, downgrade your android version. It can be that your phone is incapable of using the new version.

6. Check power source: You can also switch the power source you are using. Some sockets font allow phones to charge easily. Try a new socket and check if it charges there

If problem persists after all these, see your engineer. Don’t attempt to do anything order than what you’ve read here or else it can worsen the condition.

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That’s how to fix android phone not charging issue.


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