Income programs in Nigeria: The Legit, The Bad and The Scams

There are a lot of income programs in Nigeria. Sadly, not everything is legit.

Some just need your time, contribution and money but end up leaving you without any reward.
While others will pay you for your hardwork and your time.

In this post, we will look at a list of the legit income programs in Nigeria and the scams that you should never waste your time on.

You will notice that NNU is the most popular of all the income programs in Nigeria. After NNU became a success, some other income programs also started their schemes.

The funniest things I noticed is that they actually copied the whole NNU concept. NNU could have been very unique but other people decided to do same thing.

As time went by, others came into existence with different concepts. While you get paid to read news and comment, some pay you to watch videos and share them.


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So many concepts, and this has made income programs succeed for so long but can they last?

I’m not using this to criticize any income program though. What they do is actually good. With the economic meltdown and all, what we need is an extra source of income and we are getting it.

In this post I will mention all the income programs in Nigeria I know about and how well they work. If they are legit or not. So that you won’t have to work so much and when it is time to get paid, you will never receive your earnings.

But first….

Here are few things you must know about income programs:
1. It isn’t a full time job: Some people take income programs in Nigeria as full time jobs which shouldn’t be so. The problem with these income programs is that there can be loss sometimes.

Remember the MMM ponzi scheme? This is not a ponzi scheme but one should be careful of these online income schemes also.

Well, I didn’t say they are not real or don’t work but one should also only take it as a means of side income

2. They require some things from you: Oh, you didn’t think these income programs will just pay you from not doing much, did you?

Some of them ask you to bring some sign up fees or referrals. If you don’t meet these requirements, your earnings will just be dangling.

An example is the blog9ja income program. This income program gives you a free demo account. You can make as much 5as N10,000 on this demo account but you can never withdraw it to your bank account until you pay to become a real member.

3. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme: Many people make the mistake of terming income programs in Nigeria as get-rich-quick schemes. Well, I don’t mean to disappoint you, but they are very far from that.

It is just for extra funds. Income programs can make you 100k in a week. No!

It takes investment and time to even reach 10k but you can make six figures if you use your intellect. Prosper Noah from made 500k from NNU only but he had to go some extra lengths.

And it was only possible after several months. You can never make such in 7 days. So it is high time that misconception got terminated. Income programs in Nigeria are not get-rich-quick-schemes.

Now let us dive into the main topic of the day… Income programs in Nigeria: The Legit, bad and scams.


These are income programs that have been confirmed to pay its members and you don’t really need extra work to do.

They actually make you money everyday no matter how small it is and you can get paid at the end of the month.

1. NNU income program: This is the most legit income program in Nigeria at the moment. If you see complaints about not getting paid. This is because they didn’t follow the rules laid down by the income program.

NNU pays its users for reading news, daily logins, sponsored posts and referrals. The reason why I labeled them as the most legit income program is because there is no limit to how much you can make per day.

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This is how it works:

  • Sponsored posts = N100 per day
  • Comments = N2 per post
  • Daily logins = N50 per day
  • Referrals = N1000 per person

As you can see from the above illustration, you have the potential to make up to N1200 per day which will amount to N36000 monthly. That is more than the minimum wage.

NNU is as legit as income programs come but there are some laid down rules you must follow.

2. Blog9ja: Earlier, I talked about some income programs which followed the NNU concept, right? Now this is one of them.

Blog9ja also pays like NNU but with a small twist. This is another revenue sharing site that pays you to comment, login, share sponsored posts and refer people.

Many people have joined blog9ja already and are enjoying the benefits it comes with. This is how blog9ja works:

  • Daily login = N50
  • Sponsored posts = N50
  • Comments = N5
  • Referral = N800

The minimum payout in this income program is N4000. You can withdraw your earnings once you reach the threshold.

Other Alternatives to NNU and blog9ja…

There are other income programs that are legit and you may try them as well. Some of them are

3. Zinoly: This is a new income program which many people have started joining. I’m not a member of this income program but I have seen a lot of proofs to recommend them as a legit platform.

4. Instant cash: Another cool income program for Nigerians. Like the name implies, instant cash is another way to get cash instantly within a matter of days.

5. Newspay: This is yet another amazing site that pays you to read news. They have been proven by many individuals to be real and legit.

6. Perviewpays

The Bad…..

These are income programs that are legit but still feels like a waste of time and money. Yes, they pay you but is it really worth the time and effort you put in???

1. Bank alert: This is legit but quite annoying. Sign up fee is N1000 but you get paid N30 to share news and N700 per referral. The only available means of earnings on this income program is via quiz which is almost impossible to win.

If by the end of the day you win it, there might not be any news to be shared the next day. People have been receiving payments but many have also complained bitterly about this income program.

2. Uplift: This is another income program that pays but there are strict rules you must follow.

I don’t recommend this for anybody. Uplift claims to pay you N3000 daily for sharing sponsored posts and there isn’t any minimum withdrawal but you must have at least three referrals.

That’s not the difficult part. The disturbing thing is that sign up fee is N5000. When you consider the economy these days, you will see that nobody is just ready to give N5000 into an income program like that.

Also, it looks very unreal. Why on earth will someone pay you as much as N3000 for just a sponsored post? Let’s assume 10 people share the post daily, you will have up to N30000 being spent on that sponsored post alone.

Uplift is a huge risk and unless you have enough money in your bank account, don’t try it. Go for NNU instead.

The scam…

This is one that many people think. They pay but they don’t. Instead, they take your time and earn for themselves without giving you a dime. For now we know of only one.


As time goes by, more will be added to this list of income programs in Nigeria.

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