Instanaira review: App that gives you free cash and airtime

Instanaira is a Nigerian app that rewards you with free cash or airtime when you perform simple tasks.

You can watch videos or invite friends to earn points which you can later redeem to airtime or cash.

The reason behind this is that people pay the app developer to sponsor a video on the app. So to get people to watch the videos, the app developers pay them with points which you can later redeem to airtime or cash.

This app literally gives you free cash for watching videos. When you reach the minimal redemption point, you can redeem your points and the app gives you free cash or airtime.
Not only that, you also earn free points for everyone you refer to the app. You may refer via whatsapp, Facebook. Email, text message or any way you wish. When that person downloads the app and inserts your referral code, you earn free 50 points.

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