Job opportunity: INJ WORKS AND SERVICES LTD is recruiting

How long have you been seeking employment? The average youth in Nigeria now can only get employed if he/she is less than 30 and has passed some recruitment exercises. While these may be one of the alarming issues in the employment sector of the country, a company has rose above many others to curb this challenge and provide more job opportunities and help youthssource for jobs easily. This company is Known as INJ WORKS AND SERVICES.

INJ WORKS AND SERVICES LTD is a Nigerian company aimed at recruiting staffs for companies and private individuals. They help look for the best befitting job for you and assign you to the appropriate company or staff. INJ WORKS AND SEEVICES LIMITED is also currently giving job opportunities to Nigerian youths as a way to curb the alarming rate of unemployment in the country.

INJ WORKS AND SERVICES LIMITED: Outsourcing company that recruits domestic staff for companies and private individuals. They also offer different kinds of job opportunities ranging from driver to customer service personnel. Here is a list of some jobs they offer:

• Customer service personnel

• Security personnel

• Driver

• Baby sitters

• nannies

• Cleaners and many more.

How does the recruitment take place?

The recruitment exercises is not as hard as you think. It is very simple. Below is a text from them explaining how they recruit their members.

“We recruit domestic staff for companies and then for private individuals that we have thoroughly investigated their background and we also investigate the background of our domestic staff before assigning them to our clients and prospective clients”.

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Applicants must possess the following characteristics:

However, before you can apply for INJ WORKS AND SERVICES LTD, you must first fulfil some of these requirements as all humans are entitled and must possess them.

1. Applicant must be honest and trustworthy 2. Applicant must be reliable.

3. Applicant must show transparency when called for and leniency when needed.

4. Applicant must be ready to satisfy his/her employer.

5. Applicant must not have any present criminal record and must be clean of any charges pressed against him/her.


Their application process is very easy and almost as fast as anything you can imagine All you have to do is contact them on any of these platforms: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube @injworksandservices.

Inj works and services are about to make Nigeria a better easier place and make the whole job seeking procedure easier. They technically help you to search for jobs that match your portfolio and match you together. I think this is one step to greatness as this kind if company is very rare in Nigeria.

Hurry up now and contact INJ WORKS AND SERVICES LTD. They are one of the tools to build a better tomorrow in Nigeria.


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