Minenaira review: Make money every minute for free

Written by Dada eniola

This is my own minenaira review.

Welcome, guys. I know some of you have heard of minenaira and how you can be making 50k monthly when you leave your browser window open.

Some call it ‘minenaira” while others call it “mine naira”, either way, you understand the deal.

This is one of the newest trends in the country now Like other reward sites like NNU income program, blog9ja, and lots more.

You can be making side income very easily when you leave a page in your browser open.

Before we dive further let me open your eyes to something.

Making money from any online webiste is a huge risk and nobody has 100% assurance that you will be paid but if you do not take risk, you can not get the money.

No guts, no glory.

The reason I am telling you this is so you know that techpanda is not responsible for any scam activity you may enquire while on the platform.

Like you, we are also in the testing phase. Or you can also check out this dailygisters review for another way to make money online.

But we have seen some payment proofs online (which will be shown on this page) so there is nothing to worry about.

Here is a list of things we will be reviwing on the minenaira review

  • What is minenaira?
  • How to join Minenaira?
  • How to make money on minenaira
  • Minenaira payment proof

Now you know that we will show you payment proof, you are now rest assured that this is a cool way of earning online.

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One thing I love about this platform is that you do not need to participate in any task before you can start making your money.

Once you open your browser, your own is just to start mining and continue doing whatever you were doing online. It is that easy.

You don’t need to play games, chat or take surveys. Just start mining cash to your bank account.

I think I have started talking too much. Here is all you need to know about this platform in this review:

What is minenaira?

Minenaira is an online reward site that pays you to open a tab on your browser. This is how iut works:

  • You open a tab
  • You view an advert
  • Minenaira earns small cash
  • They share a portion with you
  • Very simple

So, if you are doubting do not doubt again.

There are adverts on the platform from which minenaira earns. These ads are run by google adsense, the biggest advert company in the world.

All the revenues from these adverts will be shared among miners and you will get your own share.

How to join Minenaira?

Joining minenaira is as simple and free as you can ever imagine.

Basically, there are two membership accounts: free and VIP.

Like you must have guessed, the VIP account is paid but they also have more opportunities than the free ones.

To register for free or VIP, you can sign up here.

You can also pay N2000 monthly for VIP registration.

There is a huge difference between the free and VIP membership.

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Free membership

These are the features of free minenaira membership:

  • 5% referral earnings
  • Pay out can only be received twice a month (every 15days)
  • Payout is N5000
  • Payment waiting time is up to 7 days

VIP membership

These are the features of VIP minenaira membership:

  • 20% referral earnings
  • Py out every 7days
  • Minimum payout is N2000
  • Payment waiting time is up to 3 days

So you can see that the VIP has some really cool features than the free account. You also get priority support when you are a VIP member.

It does not mean you can not still make money.

How to make money on Minenaira

To make money on the site, you just have to keep a tab open. When you register, you get a free cash of N500 sign up bonus as shown below:


My minenaira dashboard after 5 minutes of joining

  1. You also earn to perform the following:
  2. Share nairef on facebook – N110
  3. Drop Review on google playstore – N200
  4. Share Image on facebook – N100
  5. Blog post about minenaira – N500

But the most efficient way of ewarning is by referral. That way, you earn for not doing anything at all.

Your referral link is displayed at the left hand side of your dashboard

Minenaira payment proof

And now, for the moment you have been waiting for: Payment/earning proof. Below is one earnimng proof from a member. Although it is blurry, we can see proof of payment from minenaira.

So what are you waiting for?


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