MTN cheat 2019: Best free working MTN data cheats

This is a big compilation of all MTN cheats 2019.

Many poeple fail to believe that there is an MTN cheat somewhere and this makes me laugh a lot.

Just like our other airtel cheats we have shared before, we can also use this to browse and enjoy yourself.

This MTN trick is not restricted to just one person or sim card. It requires an app and it is 100% tested and trusted.

You have been wasting your time looking for ways to browse online but you do not believe in data cheats.

Well, that is just too bad but you min luck today because our post is about MTN cheats

Today, am going to teach you how to activate MTN unlimited free browsing cheat with Psiphon handler.

BUt first, what is the psiphon handler?

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What is Psiphon Handler APK?

The Psiphon Handler APK is a VPN application that makes your internet browsing activity a lot safer. Not only that. It also gives you the freedom to surf the web anywhere in the world. That means you can access websites that are not accessible to your country. Even the ones that are prohibited and those that are in the deep web are yours to access if you know the address.

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How can you use it for the MTN cheat?

You can use the psiphon handler to get your MTN cheat if you follow the steps below. The app is fast,easy to use and free:

  1. Download the psiphon handler app here
  2. Now, you should follow the steps below to launch your tweak on the psiphon handler.
  • Check Remove port box
  • Proxy type: Dual Real Host
  • Proxy server:
  • Real proxy type: HTTP
  • Real proxy port: 80

3. Navigate to the “options” tab and select USA as your region

4. Also tap on MORE OPTIONS, under CONNECT THROUGH HTTP, and enter as Host address and 8080 as Port.

Once you try this, you will be browsing with the MTN cheat for free. Drop your comments below.

MTN free browsing trick with tweakware VPN.

For the MTN users looking for MTN free browsing trick with tweakware VPN, this is your lucky day.

I will show you how to browse for free on MTN network.
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This VPN we will be handling is called “Tweakware”. It is another VPN that allows you to browse for free on MTN network at no cost.

Unfortunately, this new MTN cheat is not for unlimited data. You can only use it for up to 1GB worth of data after which it will stop working.

Tweakware is one of the oldest and most popular VPN in the world and there is no single harm in trying it to get free browsing on MTN for a certain number of days.

There are free and premium services on this app but the free can also work for the trick. The premium service is still a better choice for those who can afford it.

The downside of using the free service is that it has only one server which is located in the United State and when it gets congested, it will disconnect or malfunction. But you can enjoy it for a certain period.

Also, in the free service, there are some annoying ads which pop up most of the time. If you font bother about the ads then you can still continue using this feature.

How to do MTN free browsing trick with tweakware VPN

Firstly, there are some things you must put in place before you can enjoy this free browsing tricks for MT users. The requirements are:

  1. Android smartphone
  2. MTN sim with 0.0kb balance and 0.00MB worth of data.
  3. Very good 3G network
  4. Tweakware VPN
  5. Default MTN APN settings

Don’t worry about the configuration of this file as it has no expiration date.
Follow the steps below to launch you MTN free browsing with Tweakware VPN.

  1. First, download the configuration file here
  2. Use UNRAR app or zachiver app from play store to extract the necessary files
  3. Download the latest version of Tweakware VPN. If you already have it, you need to update it.
  4. Install and launch the app.
  5. Click SETTINGS
  6. Scroll to IMPORT TWEAK and click it. You can find it at the bottom of the app.
  7. It will redirect you to your file manager which you will locate configure.twk you downloaded earlier and select it. Then click OK
  8. It will be installed successfully on your VPN
  9. Return to Tweakware homepage and select IMPORT TWEAK. Make sure you do not select REMOTE TWEAK or any other option because it may fail to work. Use any free server to connect to the internet.

How to get 5GB for N50 on MTN

Surfing the internet has become part of our everyday life. It is almost impossible to go a day without visiting the internet. Many people have searched for the cheapest MTN data plans and also gone as far as searching for working MTN cheats.

Some worked while some didn’t live upmto expectations. Well, MTN is giving 5GB to it users to browser u limited for 7 good days. One thing you should note is that the MTN 5GB data isn’t available for all MTN users so you have to confirm your eligibility before using.

This isn’t one MTN cheat using any VPN. It is plainly a legit data plan from MTN themselves and it is available for MTN users without having ti root their phones or peefrom any tweaking.

Basic requirements for subscription

Before you can subscribe for this MTN plan, you will need to have some things in place.
1. Android phone
2. Working MTN sim

How to activate

To activate, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. subscribe to weChat weekly bundle by dialing *626#
  2. A popup message will be displayed and you have to reply with 6
  3. On the new page that opens, reply with 2
  4. On the third page, reply with 1
  5. Then dial *131*4# tocheck your data balance.

If your sim is eligible, you will meet your 5GB there.

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