My top 10 favorite unpopular Nigerian bloggers and their links

Blogging in Nigeria has actually kicked off and many people have gained a lot. Nigerian bloggers have become rampant but there are some of them who are like the face of blogging in Nigeria. The likes of LInda ikeji, Jide Ogunsanya, Makinde Azeez and many more can be recognized.

I am a big fan of bloggers and young guys who decide to to do something meaningful and innovative with their time.

I noticed something about Nigerians and blogging. An average Nigerian thinks a blogger is someone who simply posts news and entertainments on his or website. Well, sorry to disappoint you if you are among them. Blogging is not about posting news.
Blogging can also be about keeping an online journal for people to read. You can blog about anything – I mean anything. You can blog about fishes, phones, health, facebook, sizes of penises, prayer points, Bill Gates and many more.

So technically, a blogger is someone who can publish an online journal of anything he wishes for a particular set of audience. So that being said, let me quickly go into my favorite Nigerian bloggers.

DISCLAIMER: The people mentioned are my own personal favorite bloggers and are not judged based on traffic or recognition but on offline and social media interaction. Also, they are judged based on how well they relate with people and their blogging sense.

SO you might not have heard about most of them here but I think you should visit their blogs more often and see what youths are really doing in Nigeria other than yahoo yahoo.

1. Prosper Noah: Prosper Noah is the founder of and He is also the creator of Keyword Ranking Beats, Nigeria’s biggest SEO pack for bloggers to rank on the front page. I have seen testimonies of the pack and can assure you Prosper Noah will never leave you in the dark.

His blogs are very enlightening. Off blogging, Prosper Noah is a Chelsea fan who is obsessed with Eden Hazard (LOL). He can post for Africa, For those who have him on Facebook, you will see some of his posts insulting Arsenal, which is normal for any football fan. Once in a while, he also drops hints and tips for ranking on google. I have followed some of his hints and ranked first page for one of my blogs. Trust me, Prosper Noah is one of the best bloggers in the country.

He also spends some time changing the environment with his friends. He is the Make Money Online guy. If you need ways to make money online, you can meet him and he will show you thousands of ways (while also advertising his book).

2. Ekanem Emmanuel: The CEO of, Ekanem is one of the admins of the biggest facebook group for bloggers in Nigeria – BHB. He is a very nice guy and often offers freebies for upcoming bloggers.

His site, nobleloaded was on of my go-to blogs when I started blogging in 2017. I read his posts and save every bit of them in PDF file in case of incasity. So technically, I am a blogger today because of him and you are reading this post because of him.
Off blogging, he is also a very funny guy with a passion to make a change. He sells paypal funds and offers many other services. He can also be savage at times so be careful with him. But his savagery is also very funny.

3. Igbo Clifford and Stanford: This guys have gone beyond the norm in blogging. Popularly called talk-talk twins, they are very amazing guys and the founders of 3 very successful blogs in Nigeria:, and They focus their blogging on SEO and are very hardworking.

I don’t know them personally and I have not been opportuned to chat with them but I can testify that they are actually very nice guys. People talk about them a lot and I see it in their posts that they actually know what they are doing. I have once guest posted on infoguideafrica. I visit their blogs a lot to find inspirations and I have never been let down once.

Who says two heads are not better than one?

4. Mazino Oyolo: The admin of and the founder of the biggest blogging group in Nigeria – BHB. Mazino is a very common name in the Nigerian blogosphere and he has really made a name for himself. For sometime, Mazino has been running his blog successfully without any downsides.

Off blogging, he is also into real estate and likes to shave his hair clean – Afari Kolondo. He is also a very funny man and proves to be worth emulating. He is very disciplined and doesn’t take shits – literally and figuratively. Like Ekanem, he can also be savage but his is worse. Even his chatbot his savage. From him, I learnt that anything worth having in this life can never come free. Free things only last for a few days.
Secretly, he inspired me to who I am today because I emulated every step he took, except financially (LOL. I no get money like that).

5. David Chisomeje and Raphael Afolayan: You probably know David’s blog, He is one of the biggest bloggers in Nigeria and has really earned his respect. He blogs about Lifestyle and net worths of some other notable names on the planet.

David once shared his blogging story and was very touching. He is an amazing guy to learn from. His blog stands out and is not just the usual blog we all read everyday. He blogs based on intense research and history. He his very hardworking and controlling in his area of expertise.

While Raphael Afolayan is a bad ass web developer and the CEO of an amazing SEO company “mixedfraction” and the admin of Raphael Afolayan is a typical example of young kids going big stuffs. I can’t call him a small guy big God anymore because He’s already a big guy.

6. Samuel Aladegba & Tony Koncept: Do you know, Samuel is the founder of this blog and can be a very hardworking person for his age. HE has proven that not all young Nigerians focus on certificates and mummy’s food. He blogs tirelessly and tries to breakout from the norm but the Nigeria blogosphere is just so tight. I know with constant hardwork, he will definitely have his break.

One thing that really gripped me about him was when he shared his story. Apparently, he is partially deaf and has some challenges but didn’t let all those challenges to come in the way of his passion. He works hard day and night and helps whenever he can. I personally chat with him and we share ideas. He indirectly has a hand in naijafalcon today and the success of this blog will be credited to him and some of the names mentioned on here.

Tony Koncept is the founder/CEO of, An entertainment blog that promotes music and helps young upcoming musicians blow big time. If you know any young aspiring artiste, he can promote his music here and get downloads. One amazing things is that it is relatively cheap and you will love working with him.

7. Juliana Princess Orji: The Princess behing, probably the most unique blog I visit in Nigeria. Juliana is also a very cool person to work with. She is trustworthy and “blogworthy”.
Her blog drops meaningful hints and cool tips for you. She is also a fan of movies and replies a message when she can. She doesn’t leave yoyu hanging like saome other people.
Julianna was one of the people I secretly learned from while starting out as a blogger. While her female friends prefer to be small girls with big gods, she prefers to be a small girl with a big innovation.

8. Joy Okoro: Another Mistress on the block. She is the owner of, one of the biggest Nigeria tech blog owned by a lady. The profany offers blogging tips to newbiews and is very original in her work. She doesn’t post off recent but when she was very active, we could see amazing and enlightening posts on her blog.
It takes time for her to prepare posts but at the end of the day it is totally worth it.

9. Kunle Ajao and Idris Sheu AKA Major And Zeba: Two of the three mind behing, Nigeria’s potentially biggest sport blog. They post very unique contents on their blog. Not just the normal transfer news and sports news. They drop amazing posts that might take a while to compile.
Off blogging, they are really cool guys. Technically, I stay with them in the school hostel so I am a testimony of how amazing this guys are. 400 level students of Mass Communication in the University Of Lagos. They run a non-profit blog and is acting as portfolio for them. They are very funny guys who take this life as it is. They have dreams and imaginations beyond the normal Nigerian youth. I read their blog a lot before I knew I have been sleeping and waking with two of my favorite bloggers.

10. Solomon Miller: My adsense guy. He is the founder of bloggershub. Solomon miller has been so amazing and earns a lot from his blog. His Adsense earning bible is one of the biggest assets a blogger can possess. It healps you eanr how to earn a lot from you adsense ads.
You could be making about $90 daily on your blog. I have seen proof from him before. He also helps young and potential bloggers with tips and tutorials.

So here’s my list of some of my favorite bloggers in Nigeria. You can drop yours in the comment section below.

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  1. Very good article you have written here.
    I can say I have visited the blogs of most of them listed here and can testify to how they are doing.
    You have written a very informative post here because am just starting to know few of them.

  2. Wow.. Thank you so much for the mention, I really appreciate.

    It’s really nice reading the stories of others here in this post. Great work you’ve done.

    And about savage replies, heheheh I’m not. If you need some, you can contact Mazino.

    BTW, you have a nice blog here. Keep up the good work.

  3. So you have been looking at my head abi? Well, it is my national identity card since NIMC has refused to give us our ID after years of capturing. With my hair cut, if I lost, they can easily find me.

    Nice post.

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