NNU income program: secret of earning on NNU

There’s a secret to earning on NNU income program. Have you heard about NNU income program? Do you believe you can make N60,000 monthly in Nigeria by just doing some simple tasks like commenting, sharing posts on Facebook and login daily? In this post, you will not only know about NNU, I will also show you the ultimate secret to earn from NNU.

On NNU, the people with the most referrals are paid first before others with lesser referrals. So technically, the best way to assure you get paid is by referring enough people. Which I am going to show you how to do at the end of this post..

NNU income program is an online scheme that pays Nigerians to read and comment on posts. It is one of the swiftest ways yo make money online in Nigeria at the moment. You can earn more than a minimum wage when you participate in this stuff.

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I personally didn’t believe in this before but when I saw payment proofs, I decided to join. It works for everyone, irrespective of your age, height, gender etc. In this post, I will be showing you all you need to know about NNU including the following:

  • What is NNU income program legit?
  • Is NNU legit?
  • How to register for NNU?
  • How to earn more money with NNU?
  • How to receive your money on NNU
  • Tricks to get more referrals on NNU and many more.

What is NNU income program?

NNU is an acronym for Nigerian News Update. It is meant to serve the purpose of inspiring reading culture among Nigerians by paying them to read news.

NNU is just like BBC to the British men, except the payment they make. So if you are the type that doesn’t like reading news, NNU will force you to love it immediately if you are to earn from them.

NNU income program was created by Paul Samson, an online digital enthusiast in Nigeria. He is responsible for many other online money making platforms.

How does NNU make their money?

NNU makes their money from the adverts displayed on their sites. It is a well financed business, and people and brands also pay for their brands or adverts to be posted on the platform.

Formally, NNU earns money through Google AdSense but nobody knows what happened to them. Maybe AdSense policies hit them hard. Well, that’s not our business, so far we are paid, right?

Is NNU income program legit?

Yes, NNU is 100% legit. There have been posts on social media of proofs that show how legit the platform is.

NNU is not a scam and they pay people truly. Those who complained of not being paid probably didn’t follow the rules laid down by the income program. When you do the right thing, NNU will give you what you deserve.

How to register for NNU?

Sign up here with N1600

NNU registration is very simple and fast. First thing to do is get your money really. Registration costs just N1600 once.

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You are not asked to pay any other fees after registration. You simply need to sign up here and fill the form with your correct details.

Your names must match with your account number.

Once you have successfully filled the form, you will be asked to select payment type. There are two options to choose from:

  • Paystack
  • Coupon code

Paystack: When you pay with paystack, you use your ATM to perform online transaction and send the N1600.

This will take some time before your account will be approved. You will then receive an email confirming your payment and then you can start earning.

It is very easy and fast but approval may take up to 24 hours compared to the other method.

Coupon code: When you buy NNU coupon code from me, you will be verified in less than an hour.

A coupon code will be what I will use to contact the officials and moderators on NNU.

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How to make money with NNU income program

Now this is the biggest part so I would love it if you can settle down to follow each and everything explained here.

Making money from NNU is not a day job but it doesn’t take up to a month either.

There are many ways to make money from NNU and all these ways involve some work but don’t worry, I will guide you through the best tricks to make cool income on this platform. Are you ready?

Oya go and bring your book and Biro first because this is going to get interesting. I promise I am not like other bloggers who copy and paste.

What you are about to see here is something you have not seen on any other blog, including the NNU platform itself.

I will first explain how making money from NNU income program works then I will explain what you have to do to make extra than others.

These are the different ways to make money on NNU:

  • Daily login
  • Commenting
  • Sponsored post sharing
  • Referrals
  • Posting your own articles

Those are the four possible ways of earning through NNU but let me explain how each and everything works for you.

1. Daily login: NNU pays N50 for every login you make daily. When you login for a week, that is just N250 for just pressing your phone.

Now, imagine how much you will make when you actually perform the real tasks. If you login for a month, you will make N50*30=N1500 per month on only logins alone.

Let’s go to the second way to make money on the platform.

2. Commenting: Each meaningful comment you make on the platform is worth N2. I used “meaningful” because some people can be crazy spammers and some people don’t actually read the news before commenting.

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If you do not read the news, NNU will not pay you when you comment nonsense like “lol”, ” cool posts”, “nice write up”.

They want people that will create engagements and work hard. Which brings us to the next way to make money from them.

So if you make up to 20 comments per day in just 1 hour of work, you will make (N40+N50)*30=N2700 but that’s not all…I am getting to the exciting aspects now.

3. Sponsored post sharing: If you have a Facebook or twitter account, then this is for you.

NNU pays you N100 for just sharing a sponsored post on your Facebook timeline or twitter account.

Everyday, you are given a sponsored post to share the instructions on how to share it.

When you share, you are required to click on a link that confirms you have shared that post. After clicking the link, your account will be credited with N100.

If you click the link without sharing, your payment will not be sent when you request for withdrawal since you are a frrraaaauuuuddddd.

N100*30=N3000 per month for just sharing posts alone. Now add it to your previous earnings.

N3000+N1500+N2700=N7200. As a student, this is another side hustle for you. Don’t dull it. Let us go to the big ones now.

4. Referrals: This is the sweetest way to make money on NNU. Since you sign up with N1600, NNU will credit the person you signed up through with 65% (N1000). So please sign up here ooo.

I am still a teenager in search of small cash for school. Lol. But I am serious, you get paid N1000 for everybody you send to NNU through your link.

If you can refer one person per day, you will earn N30,000 per month.

This is almost double what NYSC members are paid every month. Don’t close this post yet, I will show you how to get more refereferrals for NNU (that’s the big secret about this post).

5. Post your own articles: if you have that idea that has been pinching you so bad, NNU is the right place to post it. NNU pays you N100 for every article that gets approved.

You can post about relationships, technologies and so on. A wide variety of topics is accepted.

You can not post illegal topics though or else you will see your name in the Blacklist. Yes, they have a blacklist.

Meanwhile, if you find it hard to understand how to register NNU; you can check out Daniel’s guide about NNU Registration

How do I receive my money on NNU income program?

To receive your money, you must make a withdrawal request before 25 of that month and you must have at least N5000 on your account.

If these are positive, the login your account and click withdrawal, the rest is small work. You will get credited within 27th – 2nd of the month. If you do not get credited, your earnings will be transferred to the next month.

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You might not get credited if there are many people with referrals than you. But your earnings will be accumulated till the next month.

Secret to earning on NNU

This is the koko of the post. Since referring people is the best way to make money on NNU, I will show you the simple trick to get as many referrals as you want. Here they are:

1. Forum: Forums, especially nairaland, is a good place to get your referrals. All you have to do is have a complete and enticing description of how the program works, then post it in the “job/vacancies” category.

Give it a nice title like this one and add your contact at the end of the post. When you are contacted, simply send your referral link or sign them up yourself.

Note: always remember to shorten your link or else people will bypass your referral ID and you won’t be credited.

2. Micro niche blogs: You can build a micro niche blog about NNU and work on the SEO. Micro niche blogs rank higher than general niche blogs if you know the way to do it.

After building your blog or or WordPress, create a lengthy post and add your referral link or banner on the sidebars or header of your blog.

3. Seminars: When you attend seminars, oo see people that advertise their products and services. It doesn’t stop you from doing so. Reach out to some people and tell them about NNU and it’s advantages.

Get them to sign up through your link or give them your contact so when they ready they will contact you and sign up.

4. Social media: On facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, you can get referrals for NNU. To et people to sign up from social media, you have to post pictures of proofs that NNU pays or else nobody will believe you.

Simply go to google and search “NNU payment proof” then select images and download as many as you like. After that, create an enticing post with the image and ask people to comment or inbox you if they are interested.

Trust me, they will come to your inbox. Copy that same post and paste on groups and your Facebook page, then promote it really hard by sharing or running Facebook adverts.

When I tried it, I got 50+ people but only 20 people were ready to pay for sign up. That’s N20,000 for just a day. And you thought I was lying about making N100,000. Once you set your mind in it, you can achieve it.

That’s it, that’s the simple ways of making money on NNU income program. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment.

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    1. You will only be paid if there is still enough money for you after paying everyone with referrals. They pay everybody with referrals first before they pay others. If the funds remain, they will pay you.

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