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16 Best Online business in Nigeria anyone can invest in

16 Best Online business in Nigeria anyone can invest in

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To many people, any online business in Nigeria is a potential scam and they are not ready to put in time, effort and money on what they are unsure if it will work or not.

But let me tell you,

There are 92.3 million internet users in Nigeria. This figure is projected to grow to 187.8 million internet users in 2023, according to statista

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Majority of these internet users are making a decent living from online businesses and there is still lots of people out there to patronize whatever it is you have to offer.

They smile to the bank every month and are hardly broke.  You too can start and invest in online business and make as much as 60k monthly. No jokes here. This is REAL.

Many Nigerian youths enjoy using their smart phones and laptops for pleasure; social media chatting, games and watching videos. Yet, very few hardly understand that they can use those assets and their time to actually make money online.

To clear any misconceptions on your mind, I don’t mean internet fraud or selling hard drugs online. I mean legit businesses like blogging, freelancing and many more.

Nigerian youths have proven to be smart and ready to work. However, when they see their peers engaging in illegal schemes, they quickly dive in because they are making money.

Well, enough chit chat and let’s get straight to the point. In this post, I am going to show you why you should start to invest in online business in nigeria, what you need to start an online business, and the various online businesses you can start.

But let me inform you of one fact.

The best thing about online business in Nigeria is that it requires little or no startup capital to begin with and you can easily setup yours from the comfort of your home.

So let’s get started.

Why you should invest in an online business

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There are many reasons why you should invest your time and money in online business in Nigeria but I am going to pick out the most important ones.

Cheap and easy to start up:

Online business is quite easy to start up. You have all the requirements around you. With at least 5k or possibly nothing at all, you can start up an online business from the comfort of your home. For example, Lindaikejisblog started blogging with no naira at all. She didn’t pay for anything when she started her blog.

The only thing she had to pay for was data subscriptions which we all need to stay online.  While she was on a free platform and domain name, she made more than 100k monthly until she finally bought a domain and moved to a paid platform.

Other examples of people that started for free are Jide Ogunsanya (ogbongeblog), Bella naija, mazino (, Johnson (healthyhubz), infoguide africa and many more.

Economic state:

Perhaps the only possible way to cure this economic epidemic in Nigeria is to start an online business. There are many complaints of “no money in the country”. Why can’t you bring the money to the country from other countries? The only way to do so is to start an online business.

On social media, you can contact thousands of Indians, Americans and many more. Sell your products or services and gain money right into Nigeria through a check, wire transfer, Payoneer or Pay Pal.

I will recommend you check out paypalnigeria because they provide every information you will need on how to create, manage and make money with you Paypal account in Nigeria

Be self-made:

Yes, I said it before and I can say it again. You can start a career around online businesses. You can become an investor and be your own boss. When a professor dies, his whole certificate becomes useless but when an investor dies, his child or family member can take over.

You will become a self-made boss through an online business. If you are lucky, you can come in contact with a high profile individual that can help take you higher.


For those who have lost their confidence or never had it, starting an online business in Nigeria can give you just the spark you need. With online business, you are in potential reach of thousands of people.

IF you have a blog, there is a possibility that someone from Brazil, Pakistan, USA, UK, Peru or India is reading what you are typing. That can boost your confidence by 150%. Especially when they comment on it.

You gain more knowledge:

With the vast amount of information on the internet, an online business can give you just the knowledge you need and more than you need.

You learn different things about almost everything and can even start a platform yourself.

It beats education:

Don’t quote me wrong. Education is very important to you. What I mean is that when you take a look at some of the biggest men in the world today: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and many more, they are richer and powerful than those doctors who spent 7 years reading hell. Why? Because they followed their passion and package themselves.

You need to go to school to learn and acquire more knowledge. Also’ the certificate is equally important in case of any opportunity in the future.

But to be more successful, try combining your certificate with your talent and see some extra cash coming in for you.

Passive Income Opportunity:

According to Vitalis Kalu of,

Online income means passive income”

What does this mean? Starting an online business today can pave a huge means for you to earn passive income; a situation whereby you keep making money from less activity through a variety of businesses which require little daily effort on the individual’s part.

It’s not rocket science and this is no joke. An online business you invest in today can continue making you money, even when you’re sleeping or having fun.

Requirements to start an online business in Nigeria

As I said, the requirements are not so much. Below is a simple list of some of the things you need to start an online business in Nigeria.

  • Smartphone/PC
  • Information (search engines e.g Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia)
  • Social media
  • Forums
  • Branding
  • Little capital (in some cases)

Types of online businesses you can start

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Almost everyone has an idea of what blogging is all about. When you browse the Internet for any information, you get most of that information through blogs.

In fact, blogging seems to be the most abundant and lucrative online business in Nigeria. However, many people often give up after they don’t make as much as they expected. Rome was not built in a day.

It takes months and months of practice and consistency to start the right way and earn an above-average salary from blogging. If your blog is unique for particular information or audience, your blog will always get traffic; that has regular visitors.

Yet, starting blogging as an online business in Nigeria is not quite a hard task.  You simply start by choosing a good Niche (a particular topic) that interests you and you can adequately publish information on it like health, Sport, News, entertainment, parenting, education, tennis, politics, Christianity, technology, etc. Next, you choose a domain name and reliable hosts like Qservers and your set to begin your blogging business.

Also, With ads network like Google Adsense, bloggers are earning or make money from blogging.

You can start a blog for free on blogger or pay anywhere between N1500 – N7000 to start on WordPress. To enjoy blogging, you need to be consistent, unique and original.

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This is another mode of earning online. I love this because it is suitable for every youth. You simply get paid for what you do. For example: if you are a graphic designer or article writer, a foreigner may contact you from a freelance platform and pay for your service.

The least you can earn from one task is $5. Now imagine you multiply by 3 clients daily. That’s $15 per day and not all will be $5, some maybe $15 per task and some may be as high as $100 per task. Make your research on freelancing and join a platform to start earning money.

If you need a more in-depth guide on how to start a freelance business and make money I guess this article by will help.

Affiliate marketing:

Many people know about affiliate marketing but few really make money because they don’t follow the right steps. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid to promote a product or service. If someone buys that product from your affiliate link, you earn a commission. Currently, there are quite a number of affiliate program in Nigeria.

You can also join Jumia, Konga, udemy and many others. You earn a particular commission on any product or service you promote.


This is another legitimate method of making money. Billions of people use YouTube any content can go viral on YouTube so far you just give it a catching title and target the right audience. Those that post YouTube videos earn a good income from the ads that display from the videos.

You can also start a YouTube channel from your phone and post your own videos so far it is not copyright. When you match the requirement to make money on YouTube, you will start earning an amazing income.

App development:

App development is an amazing way to make money online. I really love this method because of the huge amount of people that download apps daily.

Google shows Adsense on your app and you earn per view or click. Many bloggers also turn their blogs to apps and earn double income from it.

Information Marketing (selling ebooks):

The information business is a perfect online business for any aspiring youth. It basically involves creating information products to solve any human problem and making huge profits when you sell that information in the form of ebooks.

Being into the business of selling ebooks myself (see mine), I can confidently tell you it requires little IQ and capital to start. And has unlimited income potential. I personally refer to it as ‘’a lazy man’s way to easy money’ because of how easy, simple and safe the business of selling ebooks online can be. Whether you are a graduate, undergraduate, student or undergraduate, it does not matter. The most important thing is that you must know how to read and write which am sure you already do.

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Writing for blogs and businesses:

This is another awesome and simple online business in Nigeria a serious-minded youth in Nigeria can venture into. In fact, this is one of the best ways I make cool money online as a blogger. Another person who has built a good reputation for herself in this kind of business is Grace Joseph of

This is how it’s done.

If you can do research and write a good and concise article on a topic, then what stops you from reaching out to blogs or websites out there informing them of what you can do.

It’s not a hard task at all; you can connect with a lot of bloggers and website forums via Facebook groups or through the ‘contact us’ page on a blog or website.

But have in mind that you should be ready to provide samples of articles you’ve written before or links to your articles that have been published somewhere. This practice helps to build your reputation as a competent writer.


Dropshipping is a type of online business model whereby a company operates without maintaining inventory, owning a warehouse to store their products or even having to ship their products to their customers themselves.

Sounds strange to you, right?. Well, it isn’t.

How this type of business works is that the retailer partners up with a dropship supplier that manufactures and/or warehouses products, packages the products, and ships them directly to the retailer’s customer, on the retailer’s behalf.

In 3 simple terms, this is how dropshipping works:

  1. The customer places an order for a product on the retailer’s online store.
  2. The retailer automatically or manually forwards the order and customer details to the dropship supplier.
  3. The dropship supplier packages and ships the order directly to the customer in the retailer’s name.

You see, it’s not that hard and you can start and invest and make a steady income online. Yet, I’ll recommend you read this in-depth guide by thequickweb on how to start a dropshipping business for beginners.

Here’s a video that covers a few more tips about dropshipping and how it works:

Other legit ways are:

  • Sell on amazon
  • Sell on eBay
  • SEO services
  • Email marketing
  • Bulk SMS
  • Domain flipping
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing

What’s Your Excuse Now?

Online business in Nigeria is not a scam or a myth as many people think it is. A serious-minded youth who needs some extra cash should consider starting and investing in a lucrative business online.

People are making cool money one online already and you can be a part of them. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it requires little or no startup capital to begin with and you can easily set up yours from the comfort of your home.

Your phone, laptop, and access to the internet make you one step ahead in actualizing this and you don’t need to be super intelligent or a badass internet guru before you start making some good money online. So what are you waiting for? Give it a good thought and kickstart that online business in Nigeria today.

If you have any questions or additional thoughts to share, please leave a comment below.

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- 16 Best Online business in Nigeria anyone can invest in

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