Why you should not focus on Placing ads as your best monetization technique

Written by Dada eniola

Most bloggers will tell you to paste ads, apply for google AdSense, join different ad networks and you quickly join hoping to make a cool revenue from it.

Ads placement is definitely the most popular way of monetizing your blog. One thing you don’t know is that ads placement is actually a back up or secondary monetization technique. I know you probably have never heard of this before.

Most bloggers will tell you to paste ads, apply for google AdSense, join different ad networks and you quickly join hoping to make a cool revenue from it.

Have you ever asked yourself this questions: How many times do I click ads? Why will I want to click ads?

When you actually reason it, you will see that ads are more of a way to save money rather than make money. What do I mean? Most ad networks offer a CPC of $1 or $1.5. Except Google AdSensewhich offers a CPC of up to $156 and that is better used on micro niches.

The average CTR rate of a blog is 20%. This is really poor compared to how much traffic you get. Let’s take Google AdSense as an example, if your ctr is up to 30%, you are at a huge risk of being suspended. Why? Because people don’t click ads. So Google thinks if that much people could click your ads then you are engaging in another form of fraud entirely.

What should I do?

Instead, go into a micro niche blogging and blog about what you love. People who visit micro niches are always looking for something very tangible and many don’t care about price. It’s better to sell your products or services on your micro niche blog provided the contents are related to your blog.

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When you view this blog, for example, you find AdSense ads right? But it’s not my main monetization technique. I use a secret technique and it’s very confidential. I’m more of a writer than a webmaster but I have different blogs and write for other blogs too (as guest poster or staff writer).
I can tell you that the amount I make from AdSense per month is less than the amount I get on my writing job offers per week. My blogs are just proofs that I’m good at what I do. That’s the truth.

If you feel blogging is too more work, you can join nnu income platform and get paid for reading news online.

So you can also find something you are good at. Let me help you further by listing a list of talents and how to monetize your blogs with them:

1. Graphic designing: Have a gallery on your blog, write about graphic design, show your visitors what you can do, hold a graphic design tutorial and people will pay to join.

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2. Writing: Just like the owner of writers in charge, you can use your blog to give writing tips. Also, you can sell blog posts by just writing a pitch and details about the posts. Reach out to bloggers and business organizations everywhere.

3. Fashion designer: A gallery is really cool for this. Show your best designs in your gallery, have a social media page your customers can contact you on. Do affiliate marketing by writing a review on some fashion products then include your affiliate Link for people to order.

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4. Web designer: This is easy, just give any web design tips you know. Stand out in your niche. If everybody is taking about seo, talk about sem. If everyone is focusing on HTML, talk about cms. Always be outstanding.

5. Brainiac/Genius: This is my favorite way to earn online. I love people who use this so much because they earn more than one can imagine. They typically run a school online. Just create a membership site where you teach people what you know. It may be maths, science, commerce, art or your own native language. People pay for knowledge so far it is well delivered. If one course is $100 per month and you have 10 students, you will be earning a whopping $1000 per month.

That’s more than the people who got first class in your department will earn on their first year in their various jobs. Gradually, you begin to grow and grow. From 10 students to 20 to 40 to 100 and you become a millionaire without being a lecturer or a vice chancellor. How sweet is that. I wish I was a genius… Lol.

6. Cook: Many people run food blogs and they always become huge blogs. How well can you cook? Many food bloggers show videos of them displaying their cooking skills on their blogs. Some of them get invited by high class individuals in the society because of their skills. You can also seek your recipes on your blog or advertise your catering service.

There are other ways but this is the one I could come up with for the time. If you rather focus on selling your services than getting people to click ads, you will make a huge income from your blog.

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Sponsored posts on blogs are also good example of service people render on their blogs.

As far as I know, you are not the only blogger in your niche. What if someone had visited another blog related to your niche and has seen and clicked an ad before yours?

In fact, some ad networks won’t pay you and the most legit ones can be tedious to gain approval. So focus on what you do best and promote it on your blog. You never know who might need your service.

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