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Perviewpays review: Scam or legit?

Perviewpays income program

Perviewpays review: This is a review of perviewpays income program. Tis guide will tell you if perviewpays income program is legit. If we found out that is a legit platform, we will also learn the perviewpays trick to maximizing earnings.

We have heard of so many income program in recent times. Sites like NNU, blog9ja, wakanda, newspay, Enigeria and many others have come into existence.

These sites have done beautifully well in helping Nigerians earn extra income online but there is also one many people are not familiar with. That’s perviewpays income program.

In this “perviewpays review”, I will give a detailed explanation on how the program works and what to do when you register.

On perviewpays income program, you can earn up to 1000 naira daily just doing small tasks online. The fact that I said small task doesn’t mean you won’t work at all. It just means you wipp perform a little bit of work for about 2 hours everyday in other to earn the expected N1000 daily.

One thing I love about perviewpays income program is that it us free and very easy to join. This is somethingust of all the other income programs have failed to do.

Other income programs require you to egiater with a certain amount,the minimum I’ve seen is N1000 but perviewpays doesnt require any startup fees.

Creating a perviewpays account is as easy as opening an email address. In less than 5 minutes, you are through with the complete setup.

How to join perviewpays

As I have said earlier,joining perviewpays is an easy task. No payment required, no document verification required and here is how to join:
1. First click this link to register your details
2. Complete the form with all your details correctly
3. A new page asking you to fill your bank account details will he shown. This is the account where you will get paid when you reach the payment threshold.
4. An activation link will be sent to your email address. Login your email address, look for the activation link and activate your account.
5. You can now login your account and get paid to watch videos.

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If you notice, the earnings for watching each video can be very small. So what do you do to increase your earnings? Simple…follow the steps below:
1. Use chrome browser. The reason for this is that chrome offers you the beat user experience while surfing a site. You fan watch live videos easily on chrome than you can do on opera mini.
2. Open at least 10 tabs on your browser with your perviewpays account logged in on every one of them.
3. Open a love video on each tab and start watching.
4. Leave those videos to play without minimizing or closing your browser.
5. After that, close tabs and reload the initial tab to check your account balance and you will see you have made x10 of what you suppose to make in one video. Technically, you killed tens birds with a stone 😂

Refer a friend

Referrals play a very powerful role in income programs.
The first thing to do is to copy your referral link and start earning.
1. Click on Menu
2. Click on refer a friend and earn N50
3. Scroll down and copy your link.
Is perviewpays legit?
Of course,this site is 100% legit. Once you reach the payment threshold of N1500 and you follow the rules, you will get paid.

That’s all on our perviewpays review. Enjoy perviewpays income program.


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