Slots review: Can you make money playing games online?

Slotsng is an online platform where you can make money while playing games online.

If you are still part of the people who think making money online is impossibly and is only a myth, I hope this will finally change your mind because I have payment proofs.

You can make money from playing some casino games.

The crazy thing I love most about it is that you don’t need to deposit a particular amount of money before you can play.

Slotsng will grant you free cash deposit to play your game.



So here’s how it works:

What is slotsng?

Slotsng is an online casino for Nigerians.

You earn money from playing simple games online like card games, spinning wheel and many more.

Not many people are aware of this game and it is sad because this is an opportunity to be making 1k everyday for free.

Oh! You don’t believe me?

I’ll prove it to you. There will be payment proof at the root of this post so keep reading.

How to join Slotsng?

Now, this is one of the biggest problems with the game.

The registration link is a bit different from other sites you know.

You can’t just type and expect to he directed to where you will sign up.

You get N300 free deposit to play any game you choose.

You get it by signing up through a referral link here.

Note: please do not use opera mini, use chrome. If you don’t have google chrome on your phone, then change the data savings on your opera mini to “high”. If you don’t, you will not be able to access anything on the site, you will be logged on but you can not do anything there.

So you join Slotsng by clicking here.
After clicking, sign up with your corect details.

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Please do not use fake details as your ral details will be needed for bank transfers.

After signing up, you will be rewarded with free N300 to plat a game. This money is visible on the top right hand corner of your mobile phone.

You can not withdraw that money. The aim is to use it to earn more money. If you can’t earn enough, simply deposit any amount you like and play.

This game is easy and there is no cheating. Just luck. Simple spin the wheel, pull a lever or some other basic casino games out are user to.

Another way to earn on slotsng is by becoming an agent.

When you sign up and play a game, you will be granted the opportunity to refer people andmake money.

Click on” earn money” on the right hand tab and fill your details.

You will be notified by a Slotsng agent on WhatsApp when your application is approved. The rest will be explained by a Slotsng agent. Happy earnings.

Slotsng payment proof

Here are some payment proofs I saw online.

You see you can withdraw anytime any day you like.

Join Slotsng now


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