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The best graphic design training school in Lagos Nigeria

Written by Dada eniola

The best graphic design training school in Lagos Nigeria

Graphic design in Nigeria is one of the biggest hobbies now and the best way to justify that is by learning from the best graphic design training school in Lagos Nigeria.

The services of graphics designers in Nigeria are constantly needed daily and as a graphic designer, you have to deliver those services to clients both home and abroad.

There are many amazing graphic designers in Lagos. Each of them offer beautiful artworks but learning from them is th best thing you want to do. That’s why I am suggesting to you.

But let me show you what you don’t know about graphic design in Nigeria. It is one of the most noble jobs as big companies look for great graphic designers who can be design their banners, adverts, logo and most of the things that have to do with colors and printing.

Are you still delebrating on whether to become a graphic designer in Nigeria? Well, you should not.

These are some of the benefits of graphic design Nigeria:
1. Job opportunity: Graphic design has served as a means of livelihood to some people. You can teach at some graphic design schools in Lagos. In case tough didn’t read my post on how to make money online as a graphic designer, I suggest you do that now here: and see how much graphic design can offer you.

2. Connection: When I say connection, you know what I mean, right? As a graphic designer in Lagos, you have an opportunity to work with a lot of clients who can also refer you to their friends. This can actually take you places. Surely, you have heard stories on how someone’s life changed due to referrals. But what does it take before someone can refer you to another person? You have to be extremely good, and the best way to achieve that is to attend a graphic design training in Lagos.

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What does it take to be a graphic designer?

Becoming a graphic designer is not an easy task. It is also not a day’s job. It takes weeks and month of perfection but at the end of the day it is all worth it.

Some of the things mentioned below must be put into place:
1. Creativity: Well, as you might have guessed, a good graphic designer must be Creative. Creativity is one of the core features of a graphic designer. We can’t have cool desigs without a creative graphic designer.

2. Simplicity: What do you notice in Nike, Adidas, puma and chevrolet’s logos? Simplicity! Sometimes you don’t have to be loud to be heard, a little creativity is just what you need.

3. Uniqueness: You understand what this means. Sometimes you get ideas from samples given to you but uniqueness is very important for any business.

Here are the ways to make money as a graphic designer

1. Sell logos online: You can use your leisure time to design as many logos as you wish. Design logos in bulk and sell it online. You can sell your logo on hatchwise: it is a marketplace to Get logo design, brochure design, website design, shirt design, stationery design, business card design, banner ad design and various type of custom design. You must be very good in log designs and 3d mock ups. Businesses do not employ newbies. Learn logo design ideas from entheos web and practice everyday.

2. Sell printables and sell them in etsy: You know those amazing quotes you see on Instagram, Pinterest , goodreads and other quotes sites? You can actually create yours and sell them on etsy.

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Some of them sell for $5 and some sell for $1. The buyer will look at the depth of your quote before considering the design. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online as a graphic designer.

You can also join Facebook groups and we your graphic designs to members of the group. All you need to do is search for a group related to what you do. Or you can use Instagram to boom your business.

Enough chit chat. The best place to acquire these skills is from the best graphic design training school in Nigeria.

Go to and get more out of it.

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