How to Start Data Reselling Business in Nigeria 2019

The Ultimate Guide To starting Data Bundle Reselling Business In Nigeria

The data bundle Reselling business in Nigeia has really kicked off. You see a lot of people selling data either on WhatsApp or Facebook or any other platform they see fit. This is one of the best business ideas for students.

The first time I saw an advert where someone was selling MTN 1GB data for N600, I thought it was a scam; not until I knew that these people also had the authority to sell data to other people like the network operators.

One thing I have come to discover is that data bundle reselling business in Nigeria is actually a cool business. You can be earning income for some emergency funds.

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These business can be done by students, teachers, professor, just name it. In summary, anyone can partake in the data bundle reselling business without discrimination.

In case you are looking for any of the following, this post also covers them:

  • Data bundle reselling pack

  • Data Reselling Pack

  • Data reselling app

  • Where to Buy Data in bulk for resale

  • Data reselling business PDF

  • Glo Business plan

  • Data reselling business in Nigeria PDF

If the above listed queries are what you are looking for, these post will also explain them in detail. Data bundle reselling can be done with small requiremens. You don’t need to have the whole world before you can engage in this business.

If you notice, telecommunications is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria now, and it can bring good money into your pocket.

You can be partners with these network operators and make money reselling data. In this post, I will discuss on how to make money online from data reselling.

You don’t need a huge investment to start this business as it is one of the cheapest businesses to start in Nigeria.

The success of data reselling business in Nigeria is due to the fact that data has become one of the important needs of every Nigerian.

We search for data cheats everyday but can’t get them due to the fact that some of them may have been detected by the network operators and disabled them. Nevertheless, There are still some working data cheats

Many people have drifted their attention from buying from the network operators themselves to buying from these resellers at a cheaper rate.

Below is the price list MTN, 9MOBILE AND GLO data resellers resell their data

MTN Data Reselling Price

1GB – N470
2GB – N940
5GB – N2350


250MB – N250
500MB – N350
1GB – N650
1.5GB – N1000
2GB – N1250
3GB – N1900
5GB – N3100
11.5GB – N7000


1.6GB – N900
3.65GB – N1800
5.75GB – N2250
7GB – N2650
10GB – N3550

This is the original data reselling price but your profit depends on how much you resell yours to customers. Most people sell the MTN 1GB for N600. Set your profit margin to suit you and your customer.

Let us look at some of the topics we will be focusing on in this content:

  • What is data bundle reselling?
  • Who is a data bundle reseller?
  • How much do I need to start data bundle reselling?
  • Requirements to start data bundle reselling business in Nigeria
  • Which network can I resell their data?
  • How to start data bundle reselling business in Nigeria

What is data bundle reselling business in Nigeria?

Data bundle reselling business in Nigeria involves the sales and reselling of mobile data plans by purchasing SME bundles from the network operators in bulk.

Who is a data bundle reseller?

According to samuel Ayodele:
There are different ways to start this data bundle reselling business in Nigeria:

You can become a wholesaler


You can become a retailer

A wholesaler buys directly from the network operator in huge quantity and resells to retailers or consumers. To be a wholesaler, you need high investment to buy enough bulk data at a reduced cost. There is also a lot of profit from being a wholesaler.

A retailer is one that buys the data from a wholesaler. A retailer doesn’t need a lot of capital to start. You can start with the cost of purchasing unt. A retailer is like the middleman in the business. The retailer redirects the consumer to the whole saler and still makes their profit.

How much do I need to start data bundle reselling business in Nigeria?

Now you night have made up your mid that you want to go into data bundle reselling business so you want to know your capital. I can tell you that it doesn’t require much from you.

All you need is a little capital and you’re set to go. It can even be said to be the cheapest business to start in Nigeria.

You don’t need to be a millionaire or have up to six figures in your account before you can start data bundle reselling. With as low as N1000, you can start and grow it onto something big.

All it takes is an intelligent mind and the right guide like this one. You need some requirements also before you can go into data bundle reselling.

Requirements to start data bundle reselling business in Nigeria

You don’t need to have the whole world. Like I mentioned, this is one of the easiest businesses to start in Nigeria. Even the requirements are cheap and at your disposal.

If you think I am going to start listing stuffs like a big generator, printer or something that may take your cost to five or six figures, sorry I won’t.

In fact, you might not need to spend any money getting these requirements. These requirements are everywhere. Listed below are the requirements to start data bundle reselling business:

  • Smartphone/PC
  • Debit card (also known as ATM card)
  • Data reselling pack

Which network can I resell their data?

This is a brilliant question you should ask. You can resell data of airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo. All these major networks are available for you.

How to start data bundle reselling business in Nigeria

You can start data bundle reselling by buying data from a website or network operator.

The practice of using network operators is an old fashioned way of reselling data.

One thing that can get you worrying is your data expiring before getting customers to sell data to. Worry not, because this post has got you covered on what to do.

With this new data selling method, all you need is fund a virtual wallet provided by a website and start buying data at the cheapest rate you can find.

You can either buy data for yourself or subscribe data for others, adding your own profit to the cost of data and profiting from selling data as low as 250mb without worrying about any issues common with selling through USSD or buying directly from network providers which require very high initial capital investment.

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How to start data selling business in Nigeria through a web platform

Follow these steps below to sell data through a web platform:
1. Find a reliable data reselling website and register with them. I suggest epinmobile for this. You can sign up here. After sign up, fund your account with N1000 and start making money from data reselling business
2. Navigate through the website menu and find link to purchase or buy data.
3. Click on the ‘buy data’ link.
4. Select your network
5. Choose the data plan you want and type your number.
6. Click buy data. Note you’ll be required to fund your wallet before you can use any of the services. Once, you buy your data within minutes you will receive the data in your phone.

Promote your business by displaying adverts or telling your social media friends about it.

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