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20200707 165028 0000 1920x600 - VFD Bank launches "V by VFD" app, a personalized digital banking app 

VFD Bank launches “V by VFD” app, a personalized digital banking app 

20200707 165028 0000 300x169 - VFD Bank launches "V by VFD" app, a personalized digital banking app 

Are you concerned about having to visit a bank inorder to open an account? 

Are you worried about the high maintenance fees, bank-related charges and other regulatory demands which your banks pass onto you and other end-users of the financial sector.

If your answer to the above questions are yes, then its about time you get to know about the V by VFD app or V, launched by VFD Group, owners of the VFD Microfinance Bank. 

VFD Microfinance Bank has officially released its flagship product called V®, Nigeria’s first truly virtual bank. V by VFD app or V is a fully digital one-stop platform offering more to the banked and unbanked Nigerian users.

The VFD Microfinance Bank has joined the digital banking trail, with the launch of its virtual banking platform, V which aims to give users personalised banking experience from the VFD Group. According to Azubike Emodi, the Managing Director of VFD Microfinance, the company thought seriously about how to make banking a bit easier for people before creating the digital bank.

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V by VFD app

V is totally free and is like all other digital banking platforms. Users can create an account in less than two minutes using the mobile app and there are no charges for customers whether they are transferring money to another customer of V or another bank entirely.  

Speaking on this awesome feature of the app, Olukunle Salami, Business Performance Manager, VFD Group Plc, explained that V allows users to categorise spending while also creating limits for each category.

The V by VFD app goes beyond making it easy to access banking services. Another feature of the app is that it tags spending according to the location where the transactions occur. It also offers unlimited free interbank transfers to its account holders.

With V, there are no barriers between the bank and its teeming customers and potential customers.

Just like other digital banks in the market, V is operating on a microfinance licence owned by VFD Microfinance Bank which was acquired in 2015. The VFD Group’s projects manager, Karen Abah, pointed out that the move to become a fully digital platform began with the digitisation of microfinance services after acquiring the licence and working with third-party service providers for a while.

V also aims to support the average Nigerian’s hustle, which is why there is a referral functionality (Veelage) feature. The Veelage referral community allows users of V to earn income and advance though the V community simply by getting a specified number of account holders signed up with a unique ID and maintaining an average balance.

Users earn for referring others and it’s not a one-off value for the referrer who keeps getting value as long as the other party keeps using the account. 

V referral functionality (Veelage) is also connected to monthly financial reward, driven by the user’s power of influence and ability to hustle.

Olukunle Salami, Business Performance Manager, VFD Group Plc noted that the V referral functionality (Veelage) is a novel approach to marketing. It is a 2-way value proposition that allows individuals to earn consistently for several months beyond the initial referral point.

Other remarkable feature of V include:

  • Stress-free banking interaction 
  • Flexible investment plan
  • Fixed deposit option directly on V

V is available to download by searching for “V by VFD” on App Store and Google Play store. You can click here to download immediately. 

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