Wowapp review: Best way to make money chatting

You have probably heard of this wowapp before. This is my personal wowapp review.

Wowapp is an online platform that pays you to do simple things which you already do.

There are so many money making apls on the internet and some of them are dvam while few are legit.

It doesn’t matter, once you keep visiting TECHPANDA, you will know the truth from the lies.

This wowapp review will contain all the info you need to know about wowapp.

Some of the things we will talk about are:

  • What is wowapp
  • How can I make money from wowapp
  • How to download wowapp
  • How wowapp pays
  • Wowapp payment proofs
  • Wowapp earning tricks

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Now, where were we. As I was saying, this wowapp is all over the place but before you head on to play store for download, thee are some things you need to take note of.

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What is wowapp?

Wowapp is a messaging app aimed at helping people it. Like a reward App that pays you to chat and perform some basic tasks you already do.

One marvelous thing about wowapp is that it is also an app for charity. This app takes some of the percentage of the money you earn and sends it to charity anywhere you choose.

You could sponsor a motherless babies home anywhere across the world from your wowapp earnings.

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How can i make money from wowapp?

This app works in a great way. You earn when you perform some basic simple tasks. Some of the tasks you perform on wowapp are:

  • Watch videos
  • Play games
  • Read news
  • Chat
  • Take surveys
  • Refer people

Watch videos: On wowapp, you earn wowpoints every thirty minutes when you watch a video. A video is available for watching every thirty minutes on the app and the videos are usually 30 seconds.

Play games: You also earn some points for playing games. There are countless games you get to play on wowapp. These games vary from arcade to action. Your type of games is always available.

Read news: like NNU income program, wowapp also pays you to read news. On wowapp, you get to choose your own news feed and get paid to read them. You can read sports news, foreign news from anywhere across the world.

Chat: Like you saw in the title of this post; “Wowapp review: make money while chatting with your friends”, you have already guessed that this app pays you to chat (something Zuckerberg failed to do *coughs*). You can create your own chat groups, send emojis, videos, audios, voice notes and gifs. You also have the function to get free international call to any destination of your choice once the recipient is on wowapp.

Take surveys:  There are many survey sites out there that pay you to take surveys. Wowapp has integrated some of them on the platform so you can be alerted when a new survey is available for you. You earn wowpoints after each successful survey.

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Refer people: Referring people is the best way to make money with this app. For every referral you get, you make more wowpoints and you earn a percentage of your referral earnings for life. The more you refer, the higher your rank, the larger your earnings. If you refer 10 people who refer 10 people each from thew app, you can make more than $10 daily from this app by doing nothing.

How to download wowapp

You can download wowapp by clicking here . 

Download is free and fast.

How does wowapp pay?

The WowApp offers several ways to cash out your earnings including donations, WowCredit, Mobile Credit, Credit Card Credit, PayPal, and Direct Deposit. It seems that most of the options start at $1 or 100 points, but the credit and PayPal options charge a fee.

Direct Deposit does not start until $2.25, but there does not seem to be a fee.

WowCredit allows you to exchange points for credits that you can use to make phone calls. One thing to keep in mind is advertising revenue you earn is locked for 60 days before you can cash out.

Wowapp payment proofs

There are many proofs of payment on wowapp. Below are two of them:

wowapp payment proof

source: freewowapp.com

Is wowapp a scam?

After this wowapp review, I think we can all agree that wowapp is not a scam and it is 100% legit, but you can not turn into a millionaire with this app.It is better used as a means of side hustle.




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